For His Calling

For His Calling


The music is different and heart filled i think anyone from the age of 2- 100 will enjoy For His Calling.


I started out singing cover songs in a southern gospel Quartet when I was 15 years old. I started writing my own music and it was more on the worship/christian rock level so i started out on my own and here I am with about 20 original songs so far. My reference is Rev. Glen Clayton and he knows my life story he can be reached at 662-523-5004


You are not alone

Written By: Chris Kennedy


1st verse

I see this miricale laying before my eyes. Its hard to believe he might not make it
through the night. The doctor said I just dont know, its going to be a touch and go.
Then I asked the lord why, why, why? He came back with this reply.


You may not always understand the things I do.
You may not always do the things i ask you to,
but theres one thing you want have to go through.
Thats alone, Ill be right there for you.

2nd verse

I said oh lord how could this be? I thought that i was so healthy. Could this really
be the end for me? Would you please just let me see? Then i asked the lord why,
why, why? He came back wit this reply.

Repeat chourus


Ill be right there for you.
Ill be right there for you.

By: Chris Kennedy


You are not alone (BMI)
Do you see him @ "shoutlife" "snocap" (BMI)

Set List

All origianal
sets are up to a hour or shorter as needed
no covers
Christian Rock
I have 20 Songs I have wrote