For Hours and Ours

For Hours and Ours

 Austin, Texas, USA

For Hours and Ours is a youthful, energetic pop band with searing vocal and horn lines juxtaposed with ambient, brooding guitar work. They represent a collective, musical experience that is both empowering and liberating. Let us party and rock and cherish these moments we share together.


The name For Hours and Ours stands for exactly what this band is. It is the bond between each other and the connection with the audience. For Hours and Ours began with sleepovers in a Clarksville basement a block behind Austin's own Waterloo records. What was initially an extension of old friendships soon turned into weekend parties in friends' houses or on the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge. With a year and several guitar players behind them, the band's core ethic of community has remained intact while having sonically matured. Their self-released EP "On a Weekend," produced by Louie Lino (Nada Surf, Matt Pond PA) and mastered by Brad Bell (Spoon) explores this growth. Recorded in four days, the EP mixes technical guitar work and punk rythms to create a pop experience that is accessible but unique. It's a collective experience where everyone is equal .


On A Weekend EP (2009)

Set List

You Make Such Angry Faces
Dirty Beige
Arise! Ye Captains of Industry
A Chant Song
On A Weekend

Sets generally last 30 min - hour depending on time constraints