Forks and Knives

Forks and Knives


Genre: Brat-Rock Influences: Depression, insecurities, spite. Our sound is reminiscent of the indie-punk world of Sleater-Kinney colliding with the world of electro pop. Our critics have said our sound lies "somewhere between comfortable and haunting". -- Visit us on Myspace,, or Facebook.


Forks and Knives was originally started as a solo-project in July of 2007 by singer/song-writer, Iris Montes. In late 2007, Jeremy Michell joined the project, and the two began writing and recording their self-released album in their Seattle basement.


Forks and Knives - Forks and Knives (2009)

Set List

On and Off
No Ifs, Ands or Bones About It
Hey Archer, Aim for the Head
Chick Habit (April March Cover)
I'm a Work In Progress
Another Word for Love, That Rhymes with Hate
Final Chapter