Form 30 fuses electronica with edgy guitar rock, layered with hook-driven melodies. Form 30 is dance and groove centered with a style that ranges from industrial to alternative rock.


Form 30 is an evolution of the Indianapolis based Electronic/Industrial band Nimbus. The band appeared on the scene in 1993 and went on to open for such acts as Slick Idiot (members of KMFDM), The Last Dance, and Razed in Black.

Their distinctive blend of industrial rock and electonic dance music engendered a dedicated following of local scenesters looking for the kind of hard edged dance music usually found only in the New York and Chicago scenes.

Recording: In 2002 Nimbus debuted the self-released album "Threshold", which helped to cement their popularity in the midwest underground electronic scene.

In 2003 Nimbus became Form 30, and re-defined their sound to tap into the more accessible music culture that was reshaping the Indianapolis scene.
Currently Form 30 is producing the forthcoming E.P. "Ignited", which will feature a host of new songs and extended remixes.

Current influences include: Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Garbage, Placebo, and Peter Gabriel.

Set List

Our typical setlist ranges between 12 to 15 original songs and usually includes 1-2 covers.