the band form is NY electronic musician and performer charles an. he is also sound designer for a number of projects, but mainly is not your typical dj. he performs entirely with three keyboards, backing percussion, BUT NO LAPTOPS- in other words, RAW LIVE PA, as much live music as can be performed. he's been a writing/recording veteran for quite some time, starting out with other projects, but form project started up in 1997, releasing two full-length cd's and three cd singles, remixes to his credit, making a multitude of live performances at venues and raves alike, and form continues to gain momentum in the trance/hard house underground circuit today. form also opened up for germany's haujobb in 2001, and also for chicago's dj?acucrack in 2000. it's all about exploring themes, some darker and ironically key-changing more than others, and nonetheless against the backdrop of four-on-the-floor percussion, at at least 130BPM. the intelligent dark texture is back, regardless of the actual genre into which it can be placed. the texture of sound continues to be reshaped, through the sound of form...


maximizor (full length 2006), remixor (full length 2005), maximized (live cd single 2002), radio edits (EP 2001), symbiotic (cd single 2001), symbiosis (full length 2001), dymaxion (full length 1999)

Set List

PURE LIVE PA!!!!! setlist of 40 minutes, can be stretched to 180 minutes. all continuous hard 4 on the floor tech beats, but progressive, never monotonous. NO LAPTOPS- THREE KEYBOARDS played live. AND this is no boring keyboardists' button pushing set, this is ass-shaking, pound on the keys action-LIVE. the set list spans the best of all three albums: urban legend (maximizor), aviator (remixor), borealis (remixor), dirty (remixor), badass (remixor), maximizor (maximizor), techtonic (dymaxion), pathogen, the transient (symbiosis), anti-gen (symbiosis), reagent (symbiosis), envisage (symbiosis), carbon base (symbiosis), encore.