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form @ r&r 416 w. 14th st. (betw 9th ave and washington st.)

new york, New York, USA

new york, New York, USA

form @ CBGBs 313 bowery st.

new york, New York, USA

new york, New York, USA

form @ museum of sex

new york, New York, USA

new york, New York, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


Dark melodies and a gut-thumping beat characterize the work of this New York City duo. From trance to techno, Form stays away from the cheese and delivers the perfect grooves to take you into the early morning hours.

-Jan 2005 -

Form, the combo of Charles An and Paul Rueger, skillfully balance and occasionally wobble between dark tech, hard trance, and drum & bass on the post-industrial techno Symbiosis. With smattering snares, spitfire rhythms, and spurting bass, the ten lengthy tracks of Symbiosis have enough electro industrial flavor to intelligently stomp your boots, as well as an abundance of scorching techno to shake it on the dancefloor. Strangely enough, Form doesn’t rely on a strict shape or single genre of electronic music, and while the less-is-more moments of Symbiosis may offer the more interesting aspects, the more-is-more instrumentation is often quite infectious.
5 = “burn”
4 = “fire”
3 = “flame”
2 = “smoke”
1 = “out”

-May 2001
- Outburn #15

Having seen relative success on the mp3 circut, these electronic gurus have set our to dominate the world's CD players with this across the board first release. The opening cut starts off like a typical trance drenched outing but changes up early on to be a big beat extravaganze kinda of in the vein of some Underworld stuff I've heard. "Contagent" then takes the listener off to more straight beat territority with break interludes. Again, heavy on the keyboards and 303 squishies. That leads into a very syncopated downtempo number and then a frentic, scattered beat episode called "Symbiotic". "Carbon Base (be1 edit) is one of my personal favs with big shuffeling breaks and all manner of spaceship noises leading up to a techno'd out breakbeat in the style of stuff that was comin' round in 1994 (almost Eat Static-esk). The album continues in this vein, drawing influences from multiple genres. Worth checking out if you're into trance/techno breaks.

-May 2001 -

Dark techno is it's honest form. Symbiosis flows together like a party of relaxed sounds and dance floor inspired beats. Popping out of Ohio, the duo of Charles An and Paul Rueger continue further from their last album Dymaxion and more into the dark sound of underground rave music, full of wabbles and keys and straight forward rhythms. 4 on the floor dancing robots will be shaking their metal booties harder than Daft Punk, pushing Form to the fore front where hopefully they will stay for a good time to come.

-June 2001 -


maximizor (full length 2006), remixor (full length 2005), maximized (live cd single 2002), radio edits (EP 2001), symbiotic (cd single 2001), symbiosis (full length 2001), dymaxion (full length 1999)


Feeling a bit camera shy


the band form is NY electronic musician and performer charles an. he is also sound designer for a number of projects, but mainly is not your typical dj. he performs entirely with three keyboards, backing percussion, BUT NO LAPTOPS- in other words, RAW LIVE PA, as much live music as can be performed. he's been a writing/recording veteran for quite some time, starting out with other projects, but form project started up in 1997, releasing two full-length cd's and three cd singles, remixes to his credit, making a multitude of live performances at venues and raves alike, and form continues to gain momentum in the trance/hard house underground circuit today. form also opened up for germany's haujobb in 2001, and also for chicago's dj?acucrack in 2000. it's all about exploring themes, some darker and ironically key-changing more than others, and nonetheless against the backdrop of four-on-the-floor percussion, at at least 130BPM. the intelligent dark texture is back, regardless of the actual genre into which it can be placed. the texture of sound continues to be reshaped, through the sound of form...