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"Open G String album review"

The Skinny: fORMER is a powerpop rock
band from the heart of Nashville that’s been kicking names and taking
ass in Music City USA for years now. (Yes, that was intentional.)
Members include: Denny Smith (Vocals, Guitars), Henry Go (Bass, Backing
Vocals), Billy Baker (Drums, Backing Vocals), Lee Coram (Keyboards,
Guitars, Backing Vocals), Patrick J. Miller (Guitars). After releasing
a couple of critically acclaimed EP’s …and nothing but the truth is
their first full length and they did it all DIY without a label.

The Rating: What does this mean?

The first full-length album from Nashville’s pop-rock quintet proves to
be worth the wait. The disc is chalk full of smart lyrics, harmonies
that sooth your ears, and hooks that will stick in your head for days.
Staples like "Lies", "Let You Let Me Down", and a re-recorded version
of "Make It Out" provide familiarity for the seasoned fORMER fan.
Tracks like "Pretty Little Scar", "Please, and Needles and Pins"
represent a new chapter in the band’s songwriting and arranging.
Overall ANBTT is a must have for anyone who truly loves great rock and
roll music.

Writer’s favorites: "I’ll Sleep", "Downed Again", "Burn Out". -

"album review"


...and nothing but the truth.

By Lynda

(SugarBuzz Atlanta)

SugarBuzz Magazine

first SugarBuzz review ever was in 2004 on a band called Bombshell
Crush who has sadly since disbanded, and the members have moved onto
other endeavors. One such is Nashville-based project fORMER: featuring
ex-BC members Denny Smith, Billy Baker, and Henry Go.

put the ‘power’ in powerpop rock. The songwriting is so tight it makes
a virgin seem a little loose. And somehow, despite the constant
gentleness in lead singer/guitarist Denny Smith’s voice, there is an
intensity that bears strength and confidence, even in the most
bitter/angst/pain-filled moments.

If fORMER were a popcorn flavour, it would be that salty sweet kind that contradicts, yet completely balances itself.

first major release (although not on a major label) is titled “…and
nothing but the truth.” and features Denny Smith on lead (and backing)
vocals/guitar, Billy Baker on drums/vocals, Henry Go on bass/vocals,
Patrick Miller on guitar, and Lee Coram on keyboards/guitar/vocals. The
album is chocked full of upbeat chords, catchy choruses and bridges,
and compelling breakdowns.

I hear Rick Springfield
(“In the Gray”), The Wildhearts (“Needles and Pins”), Marvelous 3/Butch
Walker (“Please”). I hear Better than Ezra (“Downed Again”), 70s jazz
funk (“Pretty Little Scar”), and Jellyfish (“Crave”).

abundance of able voices in the band creates memorable harmonies. Sleek
and poppy guitars both tease and captivate. Keyboards switch between
crisp punctuations and haunting flattery. Smooth bass licks
occasionally trail along or bring the funk.

prodding drums compliment in a way that just makes sense. Meaningful
lyrics sung in a tender, and occasionally sorrowful or sexy manner will
move even the hardest of hearts.

Overall, the songs
are written with a knowledge and understanding of song structure that
fellow musicians will be able to appreciate and people that don’t
necessarily know how it’s done but “get it” anyway-commonly referred to
as ‘fans’, will be able to both appreciate and be captivated by
fORMER’s “…and nothing but the truth.” -

"live review 12/08"

ORMER started the night off with their grownup powerpop rock. Their catchy hooks, power chords, sing-a-long choruses, and on-stage energy had the crowd bound together like they were being reborn after months of suffering from monotony. fORMER is Denny Smith on lead vocals/guitar, Billy Baker on drums/vocals, Henry Go on bass/vocals, Lee Coram ..boards/vocals/guitar, and Patrick Miller on guitar. Notice there is a lot of vocals. Their killer harmonies are great contribution to the upbeat feel of their sound, even when they're pushing out one of their slower tunes (which often are accredited for female swooning). I didn't catch all of their set, but I've seen them numerous times, and they only get better and better.

Lynda Bolan

Sugarbuzz Magazine -

"album review"

Former Music

Much like getting a good grade on a test you didn't study for, or finding a four-leaf clover, listening to 'And Nothing But The Truth' the debut release from Tennessee pop rockers, fORMER is a pleasant surprise. The songs are catchy from start to finish and the musicianship is solid. fORMER is made up of five talented musicians, Denny Smith on vocals and guitars, Henry Go on bass and vocals, Billy Baker on drums and vocals, Lee Coram ..boards, guitars and vocals and Patrick J. Miller on guitars. Songs like "Lies", "Nobody Knows You", "Never Come Down" and "Let You Let Me Down" are good old fashioned power pop gems that conjure up memories of bands like Marvelous 3 and Jimmy Eat World. I can safely say that this is one of those special albums that manages to maintain its charm throughout it's entirety. The music is fun and upbeat without being annoyingly poppy, and it still manages to rock hard. All in all, I think anyone can find something they like on this release. Bravo, fORMER! It's impossible to explain the musical genius of this band and what they bring to the table, except to just listen to it yourself and get lost in the brilliant mixture of lyrics and driving rhythms. It's a wonderful, heartfelt piece of music. If ever there was a case study on how to produce perfect power pop that combines fantastic rhythms, intelligent lyrics and finely crafted songs, with superb production values, that will endure for many years - this is it. I think this album will be looked upon as a classic years from now. Enjoy. This is really something special. Recommended to all music fans without hesitation and that's the truth and nothing but the truth. - The Atomic Chaser

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - All Access Magazine

"Aljon Roast Review"

(Sep 1, 2006)
After P. Jones was done with their set, Former came on. Many people had recommended this group to me and Ernie Ayres’ recent review of their demo piqued my interest. While their material was strong in and of itself, it was their energy that bowled me over. Singer/guitarist Denny Smith has built a solid reputation around this town and he lived up to his hype; delivering the vocal and musical goods consistently throughout the performance. It’s hard to believe that drummer Billy Baker wound up in the hospital within weeks of this performance due to the fact that he was an absolute monster behind his drum kit. Get well soon Billy. The true star of this performance, though, was Henry Go, brother of our guest of honor Aljon Go. Henry has some serious stage presence. He also has quite a local band resume as was pointed out by Jimmy Chandler during his portion of the Roast. Exhibiting an up-tempo performance, Former definitely made me a fan. I look forward to seeing them again. - Unkle Daddy's Smokeshack

"Indie Brat Review"

June 2007

While taking my time to develop a surly approach to this review, I continously found myself thinking of Blink 182's "The Rock Show" considering (1) fORMER and The Beauty School Dropouts has been my only "rock show" since Buzzfest IV and (2) I left feeling like a big indie nerd at the rock show.

True: My music preferences differ from most rock fans and readers.
False: I am a music snob who can't enjoy a good show.
With that being said, I wrote this in the style of "The Rock Show" minus the aabb or aaabbb rhyme schemes. I may be clever, but I'm not that clever. Prepare to reply with how much you disagree with me, but thank you for reading it.

m/m/ m/m/ m/m/ m/m/ m/m/ m/m/ m/m/ m/m/ m/m/ m/m/ m/m/ m/m/ m/m/

Went to see fORMER and BSD last Wednes’dee
Ordering beer, waiting for the show to start
In a booth at On The Rocks, an hour past show time
Former’s drummer woke us like a tornado siren

Each player had his own personality
Denny was vulnerable, Ian was oozing sex
Henry was full of energy
Corey’s arms must be bionic, never ceasing

But I felt like a big indie nerd at the rock show
I didn’t wear vintage, spiked hair or a bandana
It was free, I was curious about all the hype
fORMER used drum tracks but good words
I won’t be surprised to see them in a film
As the band at the club where the lovers meet

The Beauty School Dropouts fivesome then began
A raucous crowd of two rows formed at the front
Foot on monitor, Jimmy sang to the back wall
Or he screamed at the right of the stage where nobody stood

I felt like an indie nerd at the rock show
Forgot about the prerequisite eyeliner
I don’t really enjoy being screamed at that much
But BSD did play the Foo Fighters’ “Hero”
While Josh gave good back-up, Jimmy shouldn’t Grohl
I just had fun watching them adjust their hair

“Radio” brought on the crowd’s nodding chins
Jimmy asked for Jager
And the wuss took three sips
He then told us four times about their shirts
Then played a t.A.T.u. song:
“All The Fucking Things You Said”

I felt like an indie nerd at the rock show
I was quite bored with the Beauty School Dropouts
I felt bad because the fans only knew two songs
Overall the Dropouts were a let down
Appearing pretentious and superficial

I’m glad I went to the show
I’m glad I went to the show
(It was good to see Denny’s band) after the Bombshell Crushed
(I liked fORMER’s old school 80s) nods with new rock tremblings
(While BSD isn’t) my cup of music tea
(Jimmy, please, stop giving) yourself the devil horns - Nashville Rock

"Revival Review"

fORMER took the stage first and I noticed something unique right off the bat. On the Rocks was actually almost full to capacity with people. It was truly refreshing to see a full house for the first band. As anyone who goes to shows in Nashville knows, usually the first band plays for very few people. Not only did fORMER have a big crowd, they won them over and by the end of their set, the whole place was cheering them on. My favorite songs from their set were ‘Never Come Down’ and ‘In the Gray’. I’ve always thought of fORMER as Nashville’s answer to Cheap Trick with their 70’s style pop rock hooks and frontman, Denny Smith’s vocal style. I was thrilled to see them end their set with a cover of Cheap Trick’s ‘Surrender’ that featured a guest spot of Caprice’s Tony Higbee on guitar. The whole bar was caught up in the song and it was a great way to start off the show. - Nashville Rock

"The Open G-String"

March 2008

This band produces catchy as fuck power-pop rock songs in droves. Denny Smith and his motley crew of Nashville rockers are hitting the studio at the moment, (literally - they're probably there right now as you're reading this) and we are confident that the finished product of their efforts won't disappoint. The song you're currently listening to is called "Lies" and it is the lead track off of their stellar self-titled EP.
- Michael H.


fORMER "fORMER" EP (7 tracks) 2006
fORMER "Deaf Proof" EP(5 tracks) 2007
fORMER "...and nothing but the truth." 2008



What’s in a name? In the case of fORMER, quite a bit. Rising from the ashes of several defunct Nashville acts, and seemingly dominated by former members of this or that band, the moniker was at first intended to be a lighthearted stop-gap, but when a more fitting handle failed to materialize, and realizing that The Beatles and Aerosmith were already spoken for, the decision was made to accept the christening of fORMER as something more than an inside joke.
With the hard part out of the way, the songs took precedent, and primary songwriter and frontman Denny Smith’s penchant for wrapping introspective; if slightly cryptic, lyrics around unforgettable melodies became the band’s calling card. Pop hooks backed with a wall of guitars, a powerhouse rhythm section, three-part vocal harmonies, and just enough ivories and strings to earn their ELO merit badge, has proven to be a potent combination that may not always march in step with what passes for contemporary modern rock, but that's one "problem" the band loses little sleep over. Classifying themselves “loud pop”, they opt instead to concentrate on crafting songs that inspire them the way they’ve been inspired by artists as diverse as Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Cheap Trick to The Twilight Singers and Foo Fighters.

Putting the music before all else and respecting the band as something more than the sum of it’s parts has served fORMER well. Their live show plays on the respective strength of each of it’s players without ever losing sight of the song as the big picture. Such focus has earned the band multiple nominations in Nashville Modern Rock station WBUZ102.9’s Local Rock Awards, winning “Best Song” for their tune “Lies”, as well as “Best Alternative Band”, and “Best Bassist” honors in their annual Listeners’ Choice Awards. The band have supported such national acts as Staind, Breaking Benjamin , Luna Halo, Night Ranger, The Exies, Nonpoint, Eve 6, 12 Stones, Cowboy Mouth, Evan’s Blue, Three Days Grace, Bang Camaro, John Corabi, and more, and continue to perform throughout the Southeast and Midwest while wrapping up work on their debut full-length to be released in the Fall of 2008.