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Snakes on a Plane - 2006 - Single (available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Verizon, Cingular, etc. only)
Rocky Loves Emily - Kick Back Remastered Edition - 2006 LP (available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Verizon, Cingular, etc. only)
Rocky Loves Emily - 2005 - LP
Tell Your Friends - 2006 - EP

Band took 3rd place in a national competition to determine the theme song to Snakes on a Plane in May 2006.

Former Fat Boys have appeared on MTV's the Reality Show and in commercials promoting the show.

Songs have been featured on:
WPGU-FM 107.1 Champaign, IL
88.3 FM The Dog Maccomb, IL
Ohio State University's Student Station
and many other college radio stations across the US.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Slumber Party Music Video
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Additional Music and videos available at

FACT: Former Fat Boys will kick your ass.
FACT: Former Fat Boys is (are?) high in cholesterol
FACT: Former Fat Boys dieted lost lots of weight and are quite hungry as a result.
FACT: Former Fat Boys loves cookies and waffles, but not waffle cookies.
FACT: Former Fat Boys used to be an alt-country acapella quintet.
FACT: Former Fat Boys listens to a lot of Young Jeezy and is inspired by his rags to riches story of rags to riches.
FACT: Former Fat Boys will surprise you.
FACT: None of these facts have ever been verified and their validity is more than questionable.

With hip hop style ranging from club-bangers you might hear on an Eminem CD (Hodown, Dukes of Hazzard, Turn Your Music Down), to nerdy nerdcore type songs you might find on an mc chris release (She's Got A Boyfriend, I"M A DINOSAURus), or indie hip-hop-esque love songs (She's Getting Ready, She's Got A Boyfriend) this album demonstrates the Former Fat Boys aren't going to be pigeon holed to one type of music. They’ve been compared to young Eminem, Ludacris, The Bloodhound Gang, and Will Smith. Their cover of Ice Ice Baby has garnered obvious Vanilla Ice comparisons, which actually delight the boys because of their deep love for the two good Vanilla Ice songs: Ice Ice Baby and Ninja Rap. Vying to become the first mainstream nerdcore success story they won’t stop until everyone everywhere is humming the hooks or until they can afford to move out of $ucksex’s parent’s basement.

The group hails from Geneva, IL with roots in Chicago and Park Ridge, IL as well as the east coast. By roots we’re talking they used to watch He-Man and when they did, that’s where their TV’s were located. The group is mainly the brainchild of $ucksex and Hard Corey (Corey Wills from Chicago band Inspector Owl). Other cast members who appear on the album are Dirty Erik (Erik Skulborstad) and Chris Lawton. The boys are a sight to see live and shows mainly feature $ucksex and his hype man Mintie Phresh (Pat Ryan), Hard Corey, and an infamous Dinosaurus.

The debut album Rocky Loves Emily has just been remastered for iTunes and other online services. Recorded over four years while $ucksex (Ben Garbe) was attending college at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and originally released in May 2005, this album is probably the most unique record to ever be recorded in a dorm room.

The name does not have anything to do with the awesome and totally unrelated Fat Boys. It comes from the history of $ucksex and his dramatic weight loss "to get girls" his junior year of high school. Growing up, $ucksex was the kid you see in movies that gets beat up every day after school and say that there's no way that would happen to anyone in real life. This included but was not limited to trips to the ER and near-shootings and is dramatized somewhat in the song "My Side of the Tracks". Originally the name had somewhat of a "New Radicals" effect as it was one man with a plural name, but now it makes more sense.

On a lighter note, this version of the album is the re-mastered version of the album Rocky Loves Emily that was originally released in 2005 on RaCheer Records a division of RaCheer Media, Ltd. It features one bonus track entitled "Snakes on a Plane" that was recorded for the second as yet untitled Former Fat Boys album that will be released in late 2006. The song took third place in the national contest at to appear on the soundtrack for the movie and recieved more fan votes than either of the two winners combined totaling over 20,000 plays on Tag World and 10,000 plays on MySpace as well as 10,000 downloads from the official site in just under a month.

The Former Fat Boys have appeared on MTV's The Reality Show, have performed with mc chris, and are currently writing their second album as well as contributing songs to the musical for a traveling prevention theater charity group run by the R.Ed.I. Foundation. For more on the Former Fat Boys please visit the official website at

Songs have appeared on 107.1 WPGU FM Champaign, IL and 88.3 FM The Dog in MacComb as well as radio stations at most Big Ten Universities and other Universities across the US and in Great Britain.