Former Monarchs

Former Monarchs

 Cork, Munster, IRL

They didn't really used to be kings, but Former Monarchs are nonetheless determined to make a royal impression on crowds in Ireland and beyond. Their sound interweaves edgy guitar lines and a thumping rhythm section, with strong emphasis on vocal and instrumental harmonies.


Former Monarchs formed from the ashes of local Cork acts, and in their relatively brief lifespan they have toured the country with both Irish and UK bands.

Their debut release, "The Wisdom Of Crowds", was released in May 2010 to critical acclaim and national airplay. The band have been touring Ireland in support of the release, with plans to tour the UK extensively in the coming months.

The band take influence from Irish stalwarts The Redneck Manifesto, and sadly-defunct Danish trio Marvins Revolt. These disparate influences create a unique sound, as intricate guitar lines are underpinned by a powerful rhythm section. The main focus of the music is always on the melody, as two vocalists add a signature flair to the music, creating a sound that is rarely heard in modern rock music, a sound that is Former Monarchs.


"The Wisdom Of Crowds"
Released May 28th 2011

Full EP available online, at:

Lead track, "My Friend has no Job" has received both local and national radio airplay in Ireland to date.