London, England, GBR

East London based, genre-defying edgy trio arc-welding post punk and alt. folk in the vein of Codeine, Karate, (smog) and Shellac, yet remain very very English.

"like smog on holiday in Shellac" DIS


FU or Former Utopia are an East London based Rock band.

FU have toured throughout the UK, Italy and Europe and shared stages with Shonen Knife, Bitch Magnet, Shannon Wright, Julie Doiron, The Thalia Zedek Band, Geoff Farina & Chris Brokaw, Thee More Shallows, Swell, PW Long, Bellini and David Grubbs.

The band have 2 record labels and a Photography business between them.

"a gentleman blessed with an imposing baritone halfway between Bill Callahan and Absentee." The Line of Best Fit

"melodic Alt. Folk" Time Out

"George has a really nice voice and his guitar and bass playing is really skilled...fantastic." Naoko-Shonen Knife

“…The band’s timing was absolutely superb, and the chemistry between Rama and George was a pleasure being a spectator. The heavy drums and the piercing guitar cultivated melodic love. Definitely a band to well could bear to hear again,..”.Gaffa


TTTTT Ltd 7' + 20 track Cd (Damnably 2009)
Infinite sadness 7' EP ( Damnably Dec 2012)
Radio Play: Resonance FM/BBC Radio 6 music/Damnably Radio/Robots With Electric Brains/Xtreme East.

Set List

Double Negative
Blue Fugue
Come Here
A Love-Like infinity
Martys Missing
Dating Atropos
Palpable In The Disco