For Real This Time

For Real This Time

 Sussex, Wisconsin, USA


For Real This Time is a group of three spunky girls (Lyssa, Jenn, and Emily) who just love to perform, lucky enough to have met each other when they auditioned for a production of Bye Bye Birdie at their local community theatre. In addition to their love for jamming, their love for random dancing during rehearsal brought these girls together instantly.

In June 2010, Lyssa, Jenn, and Emily attended the concert of one of their favorite artists and inspirations, Kris Allen. And what did they decide to bring with them as a gift for their favorite artist? Not a teddy bear. Not flowers or a scrapbook. A recording of the artist's hit song "Live Like We're Dying" covered personally by them and burned onto a CD.

With the completion of this cover, the girls realized this is what they want to do, and this is what they want to do together. For Real This Time was formed that summer and the girls love singing everything from pop to country to their own original songs and are inspired by artists such as Taylor Swift, Green River Ordinance, Katy Perry, and Bruno Mars.

In fall 2010, Jenn left for college where she is studying music education, but it is no surprise that the girls reunite as often as possible to sing, write their own songs, record songs, and perform at coffee houses and restaurants and even on the streets in their town.

Music. It's a way of life.
For Real This Time <3


Any Hope

Written By: For Real This Time

Endless days
Restless nights
Counting hours that go by
Wasting time
But what for?

I can pray all I want but I'm pretty sure
He's not coming around much anymore

You could only wait so long
Should've figured you'd move on
I keep telling myself, "should've let him in, should've let him in"
I was perfect in your eyes
Treated well, never saw a lie
I was happy, I was comfortable
Now I'm just the one who let you go

Now there's someone else and you've moved on
Nothing else could so so wrong

My heart stops a little bit with every text you receive
And I choke up a little but because I know that should be me


My heart stops a little bit with every text you receive
And I choke up a little but because I know that should be me
That should be
I'm so sorry
I'm sorry


Should've let him in, should've let him in
Should've said yes, should've let him in


Should've let you in, should've let you in
You are perfect in my eyes
I'll treat you well, never tell you lies
You make me happy, comfortable
I don't want to be the one who lets you go

So if there's any hope at all, please let me know.

On My Mind

Written By: For Real This Time

Those blue eyes get me instantly
That bright smile brings me down to my knees
And I wonder how he does it
But I guess I don't mind
As long as he's all mine in my mind

I sit and wonder about the days that pass by
All the days that I sat here and cried
But I got to keep moving
I'm wasting time
But I still love him

And finally my dreams are coming true
The clouds are clearing up
The sun is coming through
It's a perfect fairytale setting
If he'd just sweep me away,
We could finally say
Happily ever after

Those blue eyes locked right on me when he speaks
And I wonder what he sees when he looks at me
Oh, when he looks at me

He's on my mind all the time
Don't want to send him running
So I'll keep it inside
And we'll stay friends
The best of friends


Happily ever after

[She's on my mind all the time
Don't want to send her running
So I'll keep it inside
My head is spinning crazy
She's making me dizzy
But I'm going nowhere]


My head is spinning crazy
He's making me dizzy
And we're going somewhere now.


-Any Hope, original song, available on itunes and
-On My Mind, original song

Set List

-Any Hope, original
-On My Mind, original
-Face You Again, original
-Untitled, original
-Nothing At All, original
-Love The Way You Like/Dynamite/Teenage Dream mashup
-Marry You, Bruno mars cover
-Firework, Katy Perry cover
-Grenade, Bruno Mars cover
-Shake, Jesse McCartney cover
-So What, Pink cover
-Never Told You, Colbie Cailliat cover
-Live Like We're Dying, Kris Allen cover
-Endlessly, Green River Ordinance cover
-Just the Way You Are, Bruno Mars cover
-Mine, Taylor Swift cover
-Speak Now, Taylor Swift cover
-Jar of Hearts, Christina Perri cover
-Taylor Swift Medley