Forrest Day

Forrest Day

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The music is rooted in Hip Hop with Jazz, Indie Rock, and even Reggae undertones. Forrest's vocals are very melodic and rythmic, and are mixed with thoughtful lyrics and clever rhymes.


"Forrest Day writes songs that defy categorization,
and with help from
his horn-wielding friends, performs an interesting
combination of hip-
hop and indie-rock, with subtle elements of jazz and
Progressive, danceable grooves from top-notch
performers make this a
must-see Bay Area showcase. Forrest's clever lyrics
and laid-back
approach to pop make for a welcoming sound that
resonates with anyone
who appreciates true, honest music. "



Written By: Forrest Day

Verse 1: Just a minute, I know that it'll surface, so let me just hang out for the night, it serves a purpose, it lets me take a break and I might not think its worthless in the morning i can fight it, in the morning I'll rewrite it.
(Pre-Chorus) Shhh I don't wanna talk right now, got enough to think about, heads in the clouds. i don't even wanna think right now, got enough to worry about, gotta keep it down.
(chorus): Got the same thing lingering around my mind, alarms have gone off so its about time. (repeat)
Verse 2: I got my reasons, but i just want some permission, you could just nod your head or you could actually listen, justification is the reason I'm here fishing, i don't want any lies a quiet mind is all I'm wishing.
I've been alone, excuse my disconnection, I just need a little warmth some peace and some direction. i think about how my feelings escape detection, all i need is a smile, a break from this dissection
musical break


Forrest Day E.P.

Set List

Set list:
If You Do.
These Ways
About Time
Without a Trace
Baby Shoe
Everybody Was Fine
Difficult Woman