Forró de Rebeca

Forró de Rebeca


A plural identity where brazilian rhythms feed themselves with other aesthetics, incorporating indiscriminately urban cultures and other electrical folklores. These three troubadours have put together an universal music that flourishes in an exciting live act whose master word is dancing.


Established in Lyon, in 2008, Forró Rebeca is a french brazilian musical project that links brazilian culture and its legendary «métissage» with the rest of the world. The group is part of this musicians generation who draw on living traditions to emerge as a strong personal style.

At the heart of their music, the exciting rhythmic of Brazil northeast served by a stateless and indomitable accordion. A set enhanced by the presence of original sounds taken from traditional instruments such as berimbau, viola or rabeca. An equation that added to two boosted singers results in a joyful spectacle capable of igniting the most diverse audiences.

Transposing the rural atmosphere of Brazilian dances into the cosmopolitan universe of European capitals, the group is quickly noticed for its charisma on stage. More than 150 concerts will follow in France, some of them in prestigious venues such as Amphi Opera de Lyon and the Ancient Theatre of Vienne. Meanwhile, the group has enlarged its horizons collaborating with various artists.

The band has just released a new album “NA RODA”, featuring some distinguished guests such as Sir Jean, singer of Peuple de l'Herbe, or the indefatigable globetrotter DJ TUDO.


"Forró Rebeca Vs DJ Tudo" - 2013
"Na Roda" - 2013
"Volta do Mundo" - EP - 2010
"Forró Rebeca" - EP - 2008