Forrótimo is a new brazilian band dedicated to forró music, based in Montreal. We invite dancing fools and party lovers to share in this festive style of music that brings people together.We can do some workshops for percussions,accordion and guitar.We can also participate to potluck jam session.


A short history

Forrótimo is a new Brazilian music group. Its members have travelled the road of world music for many years...
The multitalented percussionist Daniel Bellegarde has spent over 25 years playing world music, touring and recording with artists from Quebec and around the world (Robert Charlebois, Paulo Ramos, Lilison di Kinara, Bïa and others). In 1984 he met Brazilian singer Nico Beki and joined the group M.P.B* that she had formed one year earlier.
As part of this group, Nico was invited to play in Morocco, the Azores, Western Canada (the Yukon, Winnipeg and Vancouver...) and at many events in Quebec, including Quebec City’s summer festival, the Jazz Festival and the Francofolies). She was featured many times on radio and TV and joined Daniel on other musical projects (Robert Charlebois, Paulo Ramos, Lilison di Kinara). In 1994 in Quebec City, at a concert in trio with guitarist Richard Léveillé (Fortin-Léveillé) they met guitarist, singer and bass player Rodrigo Salazar, newly arrived from Chile.
After conservatory studies at the University de Conceptión, Rodrigo honed his craft playing in the streets of Buenos Aires and Rio. After arriving in North America, he took part in an intensive workshop at Boston’s Berklee College of Music with Gary Burton. After two years in Quebec City, he moved to Montreal where he joined Nico Beki’s group and the groups of other Montreal artists soon after.
In the spring of 2000, Nico, Daniel and Rodrigo met accordionist Francis Covan. This flamboyant multi-instrumentalist has been touring as a violinist since the age of 14. With the traditional music group E Saquant Beyaus, he crisscrossed his native Belgium and Europe for 15 years. He got into jazz in his early 20s, which led to his crossing paths with Stéphane Grapelli and Didier Lockwood. After an American tour with Cirque du Soleil (Alegria), he settled in Montreal and worked live and in studio on a number of projects (Michel Rivard, Gilles Vigneault, Daniel Lavoie, Isabelle Boulay, Bïa and many others...).
Daniel, Nico, Rodrigo and Francis founded Forrótimo in 2007 and invited their friend Fabrice, a drummer and percussionist, to join the group.
Born in France, Fabrice Laurent studied drumming at the Dante Agostini school in Paris and at the A.I.M.R.A school of jazz in Lyon. He has toured in the United States with guitarist Rony Jordan and with a number of world music artists. Over the years, he has devoted increasing amounts of his time to Brazilian music, working with Paulo Ramos, Mônica Freire and Nico Beki, and spent several months in northern Brazil perfecting his technique with percussion masters in Belém do Pará and São Luís do Maranhão.
The group is now complete and the Forró bus hits the road, a road that holds many surprises. Hopefully, a few kindred spirits will board along the way…February 2009 : young and talented bass player Etienne Rocheleau joins the band.
* música popular brasileira


Songs resume

Written By: various

1- Boiadeiro: His herd is small, his family few, his wife petite, but they are the most beautiful in the land. Night falls and the herdsman is happy...he is off to meet his beloved.

2- Danado de bom: The musicians are here, the party is in full swing and the place is packed. The sun will soon be rising, and the lanterns will be put out. This type of "forró" outlasts the night...

3- La rue principale: In Quebec, Brazil or elsewhere, people feel dismay and sadness when the places of their childhood fall prey to the greed of promoters.

4- Côco verde: They have to leave their island, and homesickness sets in. The boat that takes them away may be the one that brings them back one day.

5- Forró no escuro/Sanfoninha choradeira: The lantern has gone out, the accordion player is flagging but still he keeps us dancing...can the plaintive sound of my accordion melt my beloved’s heart?

6- Disparada: "I come from the backcountry, and what I have seen there would break your heart..."
Life in northeastern Brazil in the 1960s, where landowners are as harsh with people as they are with livestock. Has anything changed today?

7- Tum Tum Tum: Yes, indeed. Love makes the heart beat faster!

8- Cintura fina: Put your head on my shoulder sweetheart and let’s dance the "xote" (pronounced chotchi), a naughty little song for flirting while dancing one of Brazil’s most popular dances.

9- Como tem Zé da Paraíba: In the state of Paraíba in northern Brazil, when babies are born they are all called Zé! So just add Zé before your name and you’re practically a local...

10- Sebastiana: You’re taking a chance when you ask Sebastiana to dance the xaxado...she has two left feet and they’re both gunning for yours!

11- Asa branca: Livestock decimated, crops burnt by the sun: the backcountry was pure devastation. But life takes hold again in the region. The migrations brought on by drought have shaped the face of Brazil.

12- Colo de menina: I am too big to sit on my mother’s lap, but I’m just right for yours... Another song of seduction. Those Brazilians....

13-Tropicana: Ripe fruit falls from mango trees; melons and jabuticabas are the fruit of love: smooth, alluring, intoxicating...Resistance is futile.

14- É de dar agua na bôca: Can a single song express your desire and how you long to be a star lost in her sky?
Of course it can, when the desire for seduction and the poetry of the heavens dance the forró together.


We had our first CD " A festa já começou..." released on december 2007.
Various medias ( CBC, CKUT, Radio-Mtl, Cinq FM, CJMT broadcast ) have already played our music and we have 3 songs on

Set List

1er set

1 - feira de mangaia
2 - farinha
3 - sebastiana
4 - colo de menina
5 - óia eu aqui de novo
6 - maladie d'a / forro no escuro / choradeira
7 - disparada
8-tum tum tum(percussions feathured)
9-asa branca

2 eme set

1 - boiadeiro
2 - zé da paraiba
3 - la rue principale
4 - côco verde
5 - danado de bom
6 - a volta da asa / muiê rendeira / volta
7 - danado de bom
8 - cintura fina
9 - é de dar agua na bôca

extra-encore;1-meu xote2-sem querer3-clandestino4-olha pro ceu

+ or - 45 min. each set
Off course, we can make it shorter or a little longer