Each of our songs has it's own style of rock. Anywhere from southern rock to indie style rock. Our influences range from Tool to Glassjaw to Incubus to Nirvana.


ForShadow has been together for about 2 years now. In '06, they risked everything at ages 18-21 and moved from Cullman, AL to Coeur d' Alene, ID and vowed they wouldn't return home until they wrote a full new selection and style of new music and got a recording contract. In late November of '06, they got their wish.
In moving from ID back to Cullman, AL and supported by Tried By Fire Records and Rocker Booking (based in DE), they are currenty writing new music for their new full-length album coming out this summer, along with their tour through the east coast.
Their album is being recorded at Jackalope Studio's, run by Andy Jackson of Hot Rod Curcuit. Big things are expected from ForShadow this year and years following, so keep you ears open!


Currenty writing for their full-length coming out this summer. Check out some songs at their myspace:

Set List

We have no specific set or set list. We can play however long is needed, from 20 minutes to around an hour and a half.
When and if we do covers, they range from Incubus to Steve Miller Band to 80's and 90's rock.