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Forsythe @ Visionsound Studios (Recording through the 12th)

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Forsythe @ Cafe 331

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Forsythe @ Backyard Rock Fest

FL/GA Border, Georgia, USA

FL/GA Border, Georgia, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"An Amazing Stage Presence" - Shauna O' Donnell


Sick of every rock band looking and sounding exactly the same? So are we.

Thats why when we came across the band Forsythe we were ecstatic to find something original.They have a unique sound that caters to everyone's ear--regardless of musical preference. Made up of four talented and fun guys--you are guaranteed anything but a boring time at one of their shows.The band is made up of four guys. Cameron Zauche and Mike Long are the lead guitar and vocalists. Cory Zauche is on drums and Sean Butler on Bass Guitar. caught up with lead guitarist and vocals Mike Long as the band gets ready for a whole new season of Rock and Roll.

Q: What does "Forsythe" mean?

A: It’s a street name, we were just driving by it one day and we couldn’t think of a band name. That was back in 2004.

Q: Where did the band originate?

A: Well we were in high school, it started with me, cameron, and a third guitarist. We played together until Cameron graduated and went to Guatemala for missionary work through his church. I went to South Africa for the same thing a year later and I was all around the country. So that’s when we broke up the first time but it’s basically been a new band since we got together. Cory adds a whole different thing for us on drums and we have been back together for almost 2 years now. Sean just joined us, he fits in great. He was a huge fan of ours before he started playing with us and came to all of our shows.

Q: You say that you bring back "Good Ol' Fashioned Rock and Roll", What do you mean by this and who are your musical influences?

A: Well, our music is definitely influenced by like a lot of classic rock and 80’s metal and a lot of that comes through our music. We want to bring back that old guitar sound like the rock legends. So it’s not just about the looks. We also mix in the new with the old so we have a really unique sound. We bring guitar solo’s. I would say our influences are Van Halen, Dream theatre, and new stuff like punk and metal--avenge sevenfold. Our drummer is the biggest iron maiden fan ever. Also, the newer metal stuff and old school thrice. Its kind of come to the point now where we have developed our own style so we spend more time writing then we do learning other peoples songs.

Q: Who writes your songs and your music?

A: Me and Cameron do. One of us comes up with a guitar rip or melody and Cameron writes most of the lyrics--Cody sometimes helps.

Q: Where has been your favorite place to play so far? Where have you performed before?

A: We have played a lot of cool places. Probably my favorite gig was at Club La Vela in Panama City. It was the battle of the bands, we found out later it was rigged, but we still had a great time with a cool stage setup and we gained a lot of fans from that. We are actually playing again on new years eve at Pier Park in Panama City and there’s supposed to be over 5,00 people there. In Tallahassee, it doesn’t get much better than at Floyds. Over the summer we went on a tour from San Diego and back so we have played our fair share of shows. We talk about a lot of them on our blog on myspace.

Q: What is your favorite song(s) to perform and why?

A: I would say “Save You.” It’s our longest song--8 minutes--theres a lot of energy in it and the crowd really gets into it. The second is “Keep on Living the Dream.”

Q: Describe a typical show for those who haven't been to one yet.

A: Well, uh, its kind of hard to do because we have played so many different kinds of shows. We have played at venues where there was no one there, once we played a show where there was only 3 people in the crowd because the headlining band didn’t bring any fans. During our shows, we jump around a lot and Cameron usually says stuff to get the crowd going. Sometimes we will throw random stuff at the crowd. One time we threw out Star crunches. It really depends on the venue--like at Bullwinkles when we play--everyone is wasted so we are all about doing what the crowd wants. They almost always want us to play Freebird. But that’s what we are all about--doing what the crowd wants.

We have played for crowds of 3 people to hundreds of people. We played over 40 shows in 2009.

Q: What is it like playing together? Do you all get along?

A: Everyone picks on everyone but overall we definitely get along. Me and Cameron have been best friends since we were 15. Cameron and Cory are brothers so they fight all the time. We have a good time together and we have always known each other. Sean naturally just fits in. Since 2010 is coming up we have been getting together at least 3 days a week. We already have 10 shows in January. Also, we have a manager now--Kingsley Edmond Clawson the Fourth. He manages one of our buddies but now he’s helping us.

Q: When are your upcoming shows?

A: We haven’t officially confirmed yet but we are also planning an outdoor rockfest type of thing. We update everything on our myspace so you can check there. We have shows coming up all around the state. Definitely on January 27th with Joan Red at Floyds.

Q: What message would you like to send to all of your fans out there?

A: Buy our music on itunes! Join our Facebook and spread the word about us. The more exposure we have, the more songs we can produce. Just get excited for 2010, we are going to be re-doing the myspace, a lot of promoting, and new music. We plan on going on tour basically all summer so if you are there--come out and support!

Q: If you could give this interview a title, what would you call it?

A: FORSYTHE COMING AT YA! Blowing up in 2010. - Nightlife Unleashed (


Keep on Livin' the Dream Single (released Dec. 2009)
Forsythe: Go Back (released Nov. 2008)
Forsythe: Rock the World EP



Think modern rock infused with classic rock and ‘80s metal, and think Forsythe. Forsythe was originally formed in August 2003 in Tallahassee, FL. For almost two years, Forsythe strived to become a common name in local high schools, as the band constantly made a name for themselves by playing as often as possible and by giving out flyers to people like candy on Halloween. In January 2005, after playing a sold out show in the biggest venue in town, Floyd’s music store, the band went on a hiatus for nearly 3 years when guitarists Cameron Zauche and Mike Long departed the States to perform missionary service in Guatemala and South Africa. The band reunited in December 2007, with an explosive reunion show at Floyd’s Music Store, and has since steadily built a fan base expanding throughout the entire nation.

In November of 2008, the band released an L.P., “Go Back”, engineered by Daryl Phinnegar (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Molly Hatchett) that is now available on every major digital distribution site on the web, including iTunes and Amazon. With the release of the album, the band has constantly been on the road on weekends, doing what they do best in captivating crowds by playing shows throughout Florida on a regular basis. Forsythe has opened for nationally signed acts including The Ataris, Jet lag Gemini, Go Radio, Egypt Central, The Audition, and Runner Runner to name a few. Forsythe toured nationally in the summer of 09’ for a tour that extended as far west as San Diego, CA. The band sometimes had to resort to sleeping in the tour van with no A/C or showering at hotel swimming pools, but was willing to sacrifice comfort for a few weeks in order to rock out throughout the nation.

Playing over 60 shows in 2009 alone, the band has sold over 600 physical copies at shows as well as over 350 tracks digitally. They have been featured on multiple radio stations, both broadcast and online, and have been the featured band in many interviews. Q’s House, an online independent music station, ranked them as one of the top five unsigned bands of 2009. Online buzz has peaked with over 250,000 plays on MySpace, hits on YouTube, and fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

2010 brings hope for the best year of Forsythe yet, with plans to record an album and promote it all summer long on tour throughout the states and beyond. Pretty soon, Forsythe very well could become a household name in the music industry, introducing the “New Classic Rock” Genre with blazing dual lead guitar solos with a classic feel and modern piercing vocals. Prepare to be rocked, world!