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In mid 2005 Forthcoming had released their demo to the long awaited album "Reliving the Past." The hit song "Punishment" had been aired on X102.3 homegorwn show several time and was a hit with the locals as well as recieving air time on a few Chicago based radio stations. Reliving the Past was never fully released due to copyright issues once the singer left the band. A version of "A New Beginning" has been released as an EP, with singer Ian Foreman, but those vocals were dropped once new singer Brooks Nelson joined the band. With "A New Beginning," hopefuly to be released just before Christmas, Forthcoming plans to go national with the album by streaming it over the web and touring regionally between Chicago, Detroit, Grand Rapids, South Bend, Ft. Wayne Indianapolis, Evansville, Cleaveland, Cincinnatti, and Columbus until dates for a 7-10 state tour starting in March of 2009 are all set in stone.



Forthcoming was founded by singer/guitar player, Joe Ward, and drummer, Jake Naftzger when their short lived local band, Hang Nail, had split up. After a month of trying to move on, Joe and Jake had found guitar player, Jamie Parks. Deciding that waiting to find a bass player to write music was going to prolong progress, the three guys started writing. With Joe and Jamie's powerful riffs, Jake used the pent up anger and energy to make the songs as driven as he could. Almost a year later, they filled their roster with bass player James Masterson, and backing vocalist, Matt Romine, and spent the rest of 2004 writing music.

At the beginning of 2005, Forthcoming dove head first into the local metal scene with a style of writing that blew most bands away. Playing as many shows as they could, Forthcoming quickly made many friends in the area. By the summer of 2005 the band had played in metal festivals from Detroit to Indianapolis, with such bands as Malevolent Creation, Analog, Paria, Origin, Animosity, Macabre, and Jackknife. The second half of 2005 was spent playing local shows, with one in November in Chicago.

In the beginning of 2006, Forthcoming tried to carry on the success from the year before by playing some shows in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio. By April of 2006, it began to be apparent to Forthcoming that they were only getting shows from their reputation of great stage presence and power in the live shows, but without an album to promote. So in May of 2006, Forthcoming took some time off to record their album, entitled, Reliving the Past, with long time friend of Jake and Jamie's, Ben Jefferies. Before the album was complete, however, Joe had left the band for personal reasons. With shows booked for that fall, Forthcoming finished out the year with Matt as their front man.

2007 started off great for the band. Forthcoming played in their home town for the first time, outside of practice. Unfortunately, with Matt not having the vocal range that Joe had, Jake, Jamie, and James decided to move on to find another singer and guitar player after their last show on January, 11th with God Forbid, Mnemic, Goat Whore, Human Abstract, and Arsis. This also turned out to be their last show as Forthcoming. On February 3rd, they tried out singer Ian Foreman, and decided to keep him. With a new line-up, new sound, new look, and a new attitude, Forthcoming decided to change their name to This Age of Crisis.

Later on in May, the band picked up second guitarist, Jonathan Appleton. After 6 months with Ian, they decided that he wasn't the guy they wanted, and later picked up Brooks Nelson. In early September, they all decided to go back to the name Forthcoming. Now with all the instrumentals recorded all they are waiting for is Brooks to do vocals, and the long awaited Forthcoming album, The New Beginning, will be done.