For The Birds

For The Birds


Indie folk rock explosion. Beautiful poetry over powerful music. Youthful yet wise, For The Birds appeals to all ages and fans of all genres of music. Passionate and inspirational music in a time the world needs it.


For The Birds formed in January of 2008 by combining long time musical companions Bobby Hill and Patrick Hobbie with singer/ songwriter Brad Clayton and veteran indie rockers Chase Blessman and David Rueve. Although this south Alabama super-group is a relatively young band, they have over a decade of touring and recording experience under there belt from previous projects. With the release of their debut self-titled full length album and a rigorous touring schedule ahead of them, For The Birds hopes to reach the hearts and minds and share their brand of indie folk rock with millions.


For The Birds - self titled full length (2008)

Set List

Kitchen Faucet Chemistry
The Lights
Big Blue Box
Lament of December
Stop Me
The Worlds On Fire
Months Into Years
Cardiac Arrest
Comb Of Dead Bees
Pile Up On The Highway
Bridges and Balloons (Joanna Newsome cover)
Paper Airplanes
Graveyard Shift
The Hills