For The Horizon

For The Horizon


With a high-powered live show For The Horizon delivers a refreshing mix of hardcore and screamo that leaves your ears ringing and your voice raspy.


For The Horizon has come out swinging. After getting signed only 3 months after forming and releasing an EP a mere 4 months later, FTH comes prepared to rock. Their mix of hardcore and screamo has earned them opening slots on shows with heavyweights Saosin, Emery and Gym Class Heroes and frontpage placement on the Absolutepunk and Purevolume websites. With over 130,000 combined plays on myspace and purevolume and over 3 million impressions of their web banner the buzz is beginning to grow. For The Horizon's live show features guitar throws, flailing limbs and screams once present on the 2004 Warped Tour (Jon went from roadie to performer with Never Heard Of It). With the band writing material for their debut full-length the band is poised to make For The Horizon the next buzz band.

For The Horizon has shared stages or events with:
Armor For Sleep (Equal Vision Records)
Day At The Fair (Rushmore Records)
Death By Stereo (Epitaph Records)
Emery (Tooth & Nail Records)
Fairway (Aux Records)
Gym Class Heroes (Fueled By Ramen)
Hit The Lights (Triple Crown Records)
Long Since Forgotten (Rocketstar Records)
Lux Courageous (Triple Crown Records)
Merit (Aux Records)
Saosin (Capitol Records)
Southcott (Less Avenged Records)
The AKAs (Fueled By Ramen)
The Escape Engine (Fidelity Records)


What a Lovely Solution

Written By: Jonathan Pikarsky

I think it’s your best bet to comb your hair over to the left
To cover the right eye, to cover that black eye
They can’t see everything that’s never happened if they're blind
Did he strike more then once? more then twice?
Did he strike did, did he strike more than twice today?

Know everything is not the way we dream I know I know a man I don’t know is Hurting you and its killing me
But you tell me it will be alright
There’s a secret in this chamber ending his life tonight
And thru his brain it will go to end these years of pain
So lets turn the other cheek and let him waste away

Face up in his own blood...I've never been this happy... (repeat)

But we'll try so hard to make this alright
For him and us both
Oh but no he couldn’t cope
You wished the death upon him
I just wished him bad luck
We wished everything you drew

I’m so glad its all over, you and me both (repeat)

We cannot step back, we cannot hold back now.

A Killer's Instinct

Written By: Jonathan Pikarsky

I hope that you know
This hate burns deep down
So far inside me
My lungs are screaming
For something more than
Than stale air lady
It’s a killer’s instinct
To notice these things lately
Can you feel it?
There’s a knife in your back
If you didn’t meant it
Why the fuck did you attack?

Gut instincts fracture wrists
And so we result to this
Pretentious bullshit
And ignorant bliss

And now you’re missing out on
Something not so special
All mistaken dies
The city told me the truth of you and I
I hope you know
I've got nothing but the best intentions
All mistaken dies
(Everyone knows how everything’s ok)

And all that rings the bell
Shot straight to hell
And in the final match
No turning back.

Uncertain Doubt

Written By: Jonathan Pikarsky

He's peering thru the window
To catch a glimpse of you
The barrel’s resting on the sill
Oh how you never knew
Pointed red dot on your chest
Hoping to end it all
You don’t expect a damn thing
Especially not your fall

So here’s no secret of our past

You were never around
When I need you most so
I hired a sniper to take you out
Ending this life of constant doubt

The last words you screamed at me were
"Get the fuck out of my life baby"

I never meant to!!
Just something I had to do

I’m sorry that I still loved you
Even when I wasn’t supposed to so
I found a pistol placed it in my mouth
Ending this nightmare of constant doubt

And I hope everything’s alright
But regret not taking your life

I hope that you’re okay now
I know we’re better off, And I’m sorry

I hope that you’re okay now
I know we’re better off
I hope that you’re okay now
You set this trigger off (repeat)
I hope you’re ok, And I’m sorry…


If All Else Fails - EP - July 2005 - Aux Records

Best of the Backyard - Compilation - coming December 2005 - Clear Channel Syracuse

Set List

A Killers Instinct
Eight Thirty
Where Do We Go? (New)
Death Of A Salesman
Fold Or Play The Game (New)
Uncertain Doubt
What A Lovely Solution