For the Sake of the Ruins

For the Sake of the Ruins

 Austin, Texas, USA

For the Sake of the Ruins, to preserve what's left in rock 'n roll. Urging to impend education amongst the plebs, we have gathered sonic waves and rendezvous to open sensibility.


Formed in 2005 in Austin, Texas, For the Sake of the Ruins is quick to release their debut album, Hunt...Gather...Sell, a 7 song outing encompassing Scandinavian rock as well as 70's groove rock.

For the Sake of the Ruins came about from the early jammings of guitarist/vocalist Josh Matter and bassist Aryan Nawim. Upon meeting Jeremy Walker, the prowess to salvage the truth in what is left in rock 'n roll.

Having familiarized themselves with the Red River scene in downtownw Austin, FSOTR is set to unleash manifest destiny with their brand of rock. Look out for the age to come, since it will be for the sake of the ruins.


Hunt...Gather...Sell EP (2010)