For The Wait

For The Wait

 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Few artist will make their own path. Sacrifice everything to follow their own ideals and create with the intention for change. To make a difference, To be a voice in defining their own genre, Separate,and become a part of something greater than themselves as individuals. FTW is that band.



For The Wait is a complete conceptual experience that challenges their listeners with thought provoking lyrics and subject matter. The ideology of the band is deeply rooted between its members and is projected as a way of life through their music. Every aspect of the band provides meaning and insight towards this belief. Even the name is a concept within itself and is used a metaphor of time, life, and death. Their musical approach is derived through abstract thought and is influenced by the dark, storied city of New Orleans.
The goal from its early vision in May of 2000 between vocalist Richard White and guitarist Michael Fitzmorris has been to distinguish themselves as true artists through new and inventive means of creativity. This is seen in their new EP, "On The Cutting Room Floor."


The unreleased five-song EP is the first installment of a four part series. The vision is to provide a separate experience from live performances and full length albums with captivating short stories put to music. Each song represents a different phase of the story and leads the listener to the tragic ending of Frank T. Winters. See Behind On The Cutting Room Floor for more details.


The band is currently in their home studio writing the second installment of their concept line, "The Watchmaker's Analogy." Fans can expect a fully revamped website and the release of, "On The Cutting Room Floor," with the full comic book illustration of the story by the end of this year.



To write a series of five song EPs that would serve as soundtracks for the dramatic short stories of City Forbid. The EPs are written so that each song will literally represent a phase of the story. The motivation is to give For The Wait a different outlet to express their creative ideas and also, to give their fans a new experience. The project started in January 09 after the band created the idea for a line of concept comics accompanied with soundtracks that follow the stories. The band approached producer Don Debiase to produce and engineer the record so that the project would reach full potential. The EP was recorded seven months later in one week at Chin Music Studios in Cleveland, OH.


On The Cutting Room Floor is a dramatic short story with a tragic ending. It is the first installment of a four part series. The story follows FRANK T. WINTERS, a middle aged projectionist, who is suddenly forced to confront his dark past when a life altering decision is placed at his feet in the form of a mysterious package. Inside he finds an 8mm film reel and his one chance at leaving a legacy. The reel contains footage that will expose The Luxury, a now local criminal organization that Frank founded with his childhood friend, but parted ways with when the group changed ideals. Years later his only son would be killed due to this departure. Frank's choices are clear. He can destroy the film and continue to live out his life never achieving any distinction or legacy. Or he can edit the reel and face certain death after he shows the film instead of the premiere movie for tomorrow night's showing. Frank writes a letter at the end so the world would know of his choice. Unknown to Frank, his letter will never be read as it is burned next to his murdered body.


The story symbolizes the ideology of the band- the decisions and choices made between life and death-realized by the reel. One of the underlining themes is the reel not representing truth as much as the personal sacrifice that vindicates a sub conscience human desire to be a tragic hero.


Burn The Reel

Written By: For The Wait

they've silenced the messenger silenced him up forever
no one will ever know he couldn't control the weather
suffered the burden of writing the world a letter
no one will ever know evidence lost forever
willful sacrifice
now we've come to our stories end
he lost his life they burned the reel
burn the reel
I'm writing this letter to tell you I'm sorry
I apologize for the things that I've done and the path that I've chosen
I wish this burden was mine and mine alone
this is my end and your beginning

Scenes Of Prgress

Written By: For The Wait

willingly I walk through flames, contemplating life bound by shame
Resurrection fades through dead eyes, temporary sight lost in time
day fades slowly
walk blind through flames
new found purpose lies within reach, one thing left to do
give in, just bleed
as the light of the day fades away and the Shadow approaches,
all my senses numb
and with the storm on the horizon and the air as thick as blood,
the world becomes blind.

Editing And Manipulation

Written By: For The Wait

I"ll sit in this room as long as it takes an edit my life away
I"ll draw the the blinds I"ll manipulate, from water to wine through hate
no sound, sleep now
violently I'm thrown in a wave
desperately try to plot my escape
dim lights, shadows
this will be my final frame
I"ll take it in steps, one piece at a time, before it becomes to late
I"ll carefully wash the blood all away, revealing an image of change
cut piece by piece
frame by frame

Dark Room Conspiracy

Written By: For The Wait

in the illusion of time, we see the light as if all blind
we take for granted this life, consuming innocence with pride
how did we end up this way, I hope that some day we see change
dismissive and quite displaced, cant let the evidence fade away
darkroom conspiracy
I never felt the blood so innocent on my hands
but now I fear this is the breath of a dying man
with every line I'm losing more of my own life now, I'm dead
I've never felt so cold, so empty, so alone
please help me get through the night
I must be out of my mind, when will this end and will I find
the answer buried in rhyme, under the pattern of your lies
please, wings that burn
I'm lost in this moment and I'm fearing the aftermath
and all the uncertainty of choosing the path to bleed

On The Cutting Room Floor

Written By: For The Wait

I've come too far to look away to just give in to all the hate
I'll fight this war I'll end the day expose the lie this is my fate
what if I fail what will it bring tomorrow's blood more suffering
destructive hands a world gone blind I made a choice for this I'll die
can these walls come down around me in time
I hope they can
I have a plan a grand design I'll follow through across the line
this is my chance purpose in life I made a choice for this I'll die


2006- "The Joy of Misfortune" - full length

2008- "Separation" full length self produced

2009- "On The Cutting Room Floor"

Set List

Typical set list :
no cover songs
30-60 min.

Scenes Of Progress
Darkroom Conspiracy
Editing And Manipulation
On The Cutting Room Floor
Burn The Reel
Bleed In Silence
The Division