We're a hard-working group of guys who are working to breathe new life into the hardcore genre through creating exciting melodic material that's fun for everyone who experiences it.


There are many bands in the world, most of which you will never listen to. We at Forthewhile aim to create music so full of energy and creativity that people will naturally be drawn to it. And we hope that both the aesthetics & the message of our music will inspire & affect you for the better in some way. Forthewhile is all about being real people who want to serve God by creating intense, heartfelt, & exciting music. We hope you will enjoy.


Dear Friends - 2008

Set List

Current Set List:
1. Just Call It Love
2. Vulcan Death Grip
3. Here, There, and Everywhere
4. Scrimshaw
5. The Wheat and the Weeds
6. Harmonize

Our typical set time is 30-40 minutes. We have other songs that we stay current on so that we can add them to the set if we should need to.