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"Forth Yeer Freshman basks in sophmoric glory"

[Forth Yeer Freshman brings] the kind of rank obscenity that makes a good number of their song titles unprintable here - obnoxious rock about cocaine and the merits of sex with fat girls, for example. [Forth Yeer] dishes out locker room humor sans jock strap, plus guitar strap. They recall the catchy, violent simplicity of D.O.A.'s guitar riffage and wrap it up in a defiantly white trash ethic a la Nashville Pussy in a balls-to-the-wall bacchanal.JOHN ZWICK, Denver™s Rocky Mountain News, 2007 - Rocky Mountain News

"Forth Yeer Freshman must Die"

Make no mistake about it, these lads came to kick some ass. They all hold the stage equally, coming across much more powerfully than any band you've ever seen, I guarantee. It was so obvious that they enjoy what they do, that I couldn't but help enjoy what they do. By the end of their nine-song set, I was a fan. - MARIS THE GREAT (, 2003

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"Forth Yeer Freshman "Rock Your Box" CD Review"

Generally, I have about as much use for campy music as vegans have for a steakhouse. But I'll be damned if Rock Your Box didn't blow my skirt up around my uptight, TV On the Radio-loving ass. If the entire Bloodhound Gang downed a Zeke smoothie every day, with chunks of Shat and the Dwarves swirled in, they would still sound like stodgy old preachmen compared to these hoodlums. While other acts navel-gaze, these self-professed "Alcoholic Assholes" scrape the funky resin from their belly buttons and smoke that shit. In roughly the time it takes to drive from Denver to Fort Collins, they tear through a dozen songs about being "Hungry for Your Butt," getting high as a giraffe, sucking and fucking, schooling every band they've ever met and not needing no "faggots writing bad reviews about us just because we got his little girlfriend's panties wet." Against all odds, the Freshman's sophomore effort (slated to be released this Friday, August 10 at Bender's Tavern) gets a passing grade. - Westword - Dave Herrara


SO PUNK IT HURTS 7" (1999) Bad People Records
DRUNKINOMICON LP/CD (1999) Red Rum Records
"THE TURD EP" EP/CD (2001) GFK Music

FORTH YEER is also featured on these fine releases;
"Mein Comp" Chickenhead Records
"Imposters: A Tribute to the Warlock Pinchers"
"Jerk Off Records vs. The World" Jerk Off Records
"Rock - Metal Vol. 1: Head Pounders"
"The International Heavy Metal Box Set"
Meathead Records.
"The Harder, The Better Vol. 4" Turkey Vulture.
"Fuck Music, Music Sucks" Rawker Records.
"Denver Sampler Platter" Scumfux Records.
"Mile High Lowlifes" Fivecore Records.
"Live by the Board, Die By The Board" DVD



If you think you’ve heard it all—every sound every band has to offer—and seen it all—one live set blending into another—and you’ve begun to wonder if seeing another band is worth the bother, just wait ‘til Forth Yeer takes the stage. When that first chord hits, you’ll remember why you got obsessed with music in the first place.

Based out of Denver, CO, Forth Yeer have been kicking musical ass for over ten years. They consistently redefine the melodies and moods of classic American rock music, and while they have been influenced and inspired by music from all across the spectrum, they defy comparison to any particular band or style. But, with over 150 road dates a year, it is their live set that truly sets Forth Yeer above the competition. The boys have evergy in spades. They leave the guys in the crowd on their feet pleading for more, and the ladies—whom the band attracts like magnets attract iron filings—ready to behave exactly like their fathers wish they would not.

Their audience cuts a wide swath: punkers & metal-heads, sk8ers & hipsters, rock-a-billies & soul daddie crowded side-by-side with hellions, scoundrels, professors and barflies. Check your PC nonsense with the doorman. Get ready to have some fun.

If you’ve heard them before, do it again—like sand dunes, their live show changes with the wind. And if you’ve never had the pleasure, get off your ass. Bear witness: Forth Yeer is in the house.

-Rich English, Modern Drunkard Magazine

FORTH YEER has played with :

The Vandals
The Offspring
Alkaline Trio
Street Dogs
The Dwarves
Joey Belladonna of Anthrax
Green Jello
Hell's Belles
Murphy's Law
The Mentors
Gito Gito Hustler
Hudson Falcons
The Railbenders
Murder Junkies
Dixie Witch
Pressure Point
Gang Green
Whole Wheat Bread
The Casualties
As I lay Dying
The Briggs
The Business
Toxic Narcotic
Hub City Stompers
The Vibrators
The UK Subs
Clit 45
Far From Finished
Brain Failure
Verbal Abuse
Cheap Sex
Lower Class Brats
The Virus
Warner Drive

FORTH YEER has Played @:

Double Door - Chicago, IL
Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison CO
Stubb's - Austin TX
Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL
Bluebird Theatre - Denver, Co
Gothic Theatre - Denver, CO
Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO
Oriental Theatre - Denver, CO
Herman's Hideaway - Denver, CO
3 Kings - Denver, CO
Skatopia - Rutland OH
Ogden Theatre - Denver, CO
Belly Up - Aspen, CO
Club Vegas - Salt Lake City, UT
The Launch Pad - Albuquerque, NM
Double Down Saloon - Las Vegas, NV
The Funhouse - Seattle WA
Winterland - Bremerton WA
The Bouquet - Boise, ID
7th Street Entry - Minneapolis, MN
Triple Rock - Minneapolis, MN
High Noon Saloon - Madison, WI
The Nick - Birmingham, AL
Blue Goat - Salina, KS
The Riot Room - KansasCity, MO
Court Tavern - New Brunswick, NJ
Nothgate Tavern - Lafayette, LA
Double Wide - Dallas, TX
Walters on Washington - Houston, TX
The Boulevard - Spokane, WA
Plus too many venues too big to fit on this page!!!!