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"Don't Die Wondering"

July 6th 2009:

"An enjoyable grungy caranage [sic] also bringing to mind more angular, punky acts such as Liars and Gang of four, especially that sweet guitar tone. Their blog says they’re coming out with a tape soon, should be fun." -

"Weird Canada"

September 21st 2009

"There is a gravity lens in Vancouver, bending all things no-wave in a peculiar, time-lapsed direction; each interpreting this re-emerging scene in their own unique way. Fortress is no exception; vocalists Spencer and Kelly take turns dictating and professing as barrages of angular guitar patterns hold their onslaught together. The effect is hypnotic and you’ll hastily submit to their disjointed alter. It’s the kind of art-punk that real satanists jam while slaughtering goats. Or, if you’re like me, it’s the kind of art-punk you jam while playing Magic the Gathering. Either way, Fortress is definitely at the focal point of Vancouver’s no-wave gravity-well and will soon join the ranks of Vancouver art-punk giants from the past (UJ3RK5, Tunnel Canary, Emily, Warsaw, Popular Front, etc.) and present (Shearing Pinx, Sex Negatives, Stamina Mantis, etc.), making claim to every adjective." -

"Pop Drones//Expressway to My Skull"

October 1st 2009

"After a few weeks off, we got another great phone call from my man Josh Rose, and we spent some time pontificatin' the wonders of one of the best local bands to splooge up on local sand in recent mem'ry. We are talking about the mighty Fortress. They hardly played a show or two 'fore I was urged to take 'em in live. Disappointed I was not. Somehow the 4 piece have managed to take the sharp 'n shrill attack of them Big Black albums that we all love so much, coiled em up into some sorta' nasty spring, and then let the top offa' that jar real quick-like. Rhythm section locks in while the guitar scrapes at yr ears and the howlin' of singer/synth slammer Kelly frightens the crap outta ya. Elements of Tunnel Canary, Mutators and whole buncha post-hardcore bands creep in but somehow none of 'em really rises to the top. They got themselves a real hard to nail down sound, which is just how we like 'round this here blog. Honest to Abe, one a the best bets out there right now. CDRs available at shows. Hey looks like you can catch 'em on Friday at the Secret Space, then Saturday at Main and Pender (?). Whatcha waitin' for?" -


Untitled tour CD-r, 2009
'Blood Work' CD-r, c20, 2009

Split 7" w/Ahna
Nite Prison 12" comp
Blood Klub 7" comp



Fortress unofficially formed in the winter of 2008.
Founding members Spencer (formerly of Calgary's The Incandescence) and Kelly played their first show at one of the infamous Fake Jazz Wednesdays at the now-defunct Cobalt. Despite technical difficulties and stage-fright, their stripped-down drum-machine driven set of abrasive guitar riffs and unsettling vocals was well received.
They have since gone on to play numerous shows in East Vancouver's punk scene of seedy bars and diy venues.
With the addition of Matt on bass and Anju (current member of Vancouver duo Ahna) on drums, Fortress have continued to experiment and expand their sound, surprising their audiences with their unconventional song-structures, lyrical content and intense presence.