Stephen Walton's Fortuitous Accident

Stephen Walton's Fortuitous Accident

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Fortuitous Accident brings forth the moment of the mood, uncompromised and true. Peformances are a collaborative arrangment of song ideas that refuse to "POP" in three minutes or less..


Bassist, songwriter, and bandleader of the avant-jazz collective "Fortuitous Accident." FA ply’s its craft at the interchange of order and chaos where the fuzzy duality of free association and structure merge. The audible pulse of FAs improvised musical interplay is a wrinkle in time on the nü-jazz event horizon. Every jam session is a cooperatve free form search for the moments of beauty around us.


Loft (forthcoming release=fr)
Industrial Design (fr)
Osprey III (fr)
Event Horizon (fr)
Dimensional Shift (fr)
Big House (fr)
C8H10N4O2 (fr)
Sunday Night Kama (fr)
Qunu (fr)

Set List

Sets run approx 40~50 minutes

Disclaimer: Nothing is set in stone except Zimbabwe and thus Fortuitous Accident reserves the right to jamz open and freely.