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"An impressive album that's sure to gain attention and new fans!"

Glad to see the snow starting to melt, and hear the sounds of this kick-ass power pop trio from Washington state. Fortune 500 are a high energy melodic rock band and they are rightly advertised as a "remedy to bland radio rock and cloned pop/punk boy bands." The opening track "Shake Me" does as advertised with buzzsaw riffs that blast out during the chorus. The next several tracks keep the energy going with a Weezer-Costello-Ramones whirlwind of chords and harmonies. Favorite tracks here include "Hat Trick" and the wild "Freestyle."

And the band isn't a one trick pony either, with a nice ska beat on "Sometimes" and the steady melodic march of "Daddy Is A War." Fans of Harvey Danger, Everclear, and Green Day should also embrace this band heartily. "Liberated" is another gem, part Weezer and part Presidents of The USA with a catchy beat. The album's tracks are thick with pop hooks and almost no filler is here, although the reggae "Detox" doesn't quite fit. An impressive album that's sure to gain attention and new fans! - Powerpopaholic (New York, USA)


The flavor of the year is a sweet-toothed pop-sensibility of guilty pleasure hooks and harmonies album, with a twist of southern Californian rock.
This is a solid power-pop album! - What's Up Magazine

"Sweet Hooks and Harmonies!"

The flavor of the year is a sweet-toothed pop-sensibility of guilty pleasure hooks and harmonies album, with a twist of southern Californian rock. A solid power-pop album! - What's Up Magazine (WA)

"FORTUNE 500 continues to bring it!"

FORTUNE 500 does a lot of things right on ‘Flavor of The Year’, including their masterful use of guitar interplay in their songs, vocals that offer up a good mix of laid back and rock n’ roll gnarl when called for.
The band continues to hone their sound, combining several different styles of music to keep their music familiar sounding, yet still fresh and unique.
With ‘Flavor of the Year’ FORTUNE 500 continues to show why they’ve made their way on to many different fans' and reviewers’ favorite band list! - C.W. Ross, Senior Music Writer - Indie Music Stop (PA)

"This is really really good!"

SHAKE ME just rocked my ass off! Wow... this is really really good! - Jay Anderson, Station Manager - PopBang Radio (MN)

"One of my favorite bands!"

Fortune 500 is one of my favorite bands. It's hard-edged rock with a solid beat and well-crafted lyrics. The guys all contribute vocals and this three piece has a big sound. - Wayne "Pooner" Clark - 92.9 KISM (Bellingham, WA)

"Far and away the #1 highest rated!"

Far and away the #1 highest rated track on this comp!!! (re: Internationally released Meat Possum Compilation album) - Liz Cousins, President - Notorious Radio (NY)

"Added to station playlist!"

One of my favorites! ADDED to station!!
- Joe Schepis - Intensely Modern Radio (NY)


BEST BAND: Overwhelmingly, Skagitonians preferred one band to the many others that make their home there: Sedro-Woolley’s Fortune 500. A trio that has been called a 'Green Day-Weezer sandwich with a crunchy Beach Boys middle,' the band regularly has made a name for itself in pretty much anyplace you can have a rowdy good time in the Skagit Valley and beyond.

- Cascadia Weekly (WA)

"CAUTION: You are going to play this CD a lot!"

CAUTION: You are going to play this CD a lot if you like catchy riffs, pop hooks, quirky thoughtful lyrics, Beatles harmonies, or smokin’ hot guitar. You'll only like this if you are into bands like Hukser Du, The Clash, Chuck Berry, Green Day, Fleetwood Mac, or the movie Raising Arizona.
- Shane Gildnes - Mope Records (WA)

"I loved every tune!"

Fortune 500 has a nice poppy-alternative sound, which has a tint of a '60s sound at the beginning of this release... Fine use of harmonies. I loved every tune.
- The ChickenFish Speaks (OH)

"Two thumbs way up!"

…Maintains a very fun alternative flow that would be ideal on a summer road trip. The alternative-punk chord progression, and the up-paced but not quite 2/4 punk beats gave it that college alternative rock feel. Two thumbs way up.
- What's Up magazine (WA)

"Will rock your socks off!"

This release is filled with music that will rock your socks off! Music sounding this good needs to be heard! If anyone is reading this from a major record label, you need to get to one of the band’s shows soon. Put FORTUNE 500’s Fly to the Sun on your music-shopping list!
- C.W. Ross - Indie Music Stop (PA)

"I'm freakin' over this song!"

(Re: 'Fly to the Sun' single) I am freakin' over this song! Total monster crossover hit! A sure thing for modern rock radio stations to pick up. I just love this song. Love it love it love it! Reminds me of Fountains of Wayne but younger. Featuring it on air. Would kill for a full copy. Best song of the summer!
- Kate Bradley, Outlandos Music (NY)


Fly To The Sun (2007). Several tracks have been added to radio playlists (college, internet, and commercial), and have been added to nationally released compilation albums, including the title track, "Fly To The Sun", "Say It If You Want To", and the John Denver cover and itunes hit "Leavin' on a Jetplane"

Flavor Of The Year (Fall, 2010). This recently released sophmore album is already garnering rave reviews and continues the momentum that the band has forged since their debut album. The first single "Shake Me" has already been added to several radio stations.



Since 2006, powerpop trio FORTUNE 500 has been rocking fans all over the great Northwest with their high-energy, hook-laden and harmony-driven music. After playing for several years in successful bands together and seperately, Matt Lessley (guitar/vox), Scott Storie (drums/vox), and Andy Brown (bass/vox) got together to produce what has been described as a "Green Day-Weezer sandwich with a crunchy Beach Boys middle".
Their live shows crackle with energy; the catchy melodies and engaging lyrics will stick in your head for days.

With the release of their first album in 2007, Fly to the Sun -- which has sold several thousand copies -- the band firmly positioned itself as the remedy to bland radio rock and cloned pop/punk boy bands.
The positive reviews were overwhelming, and the title track -- a guitar-driven, harmony filled gem that evokes visions of sizzling summer road trips -- has been included on several indie compilations and added to numerous playlists on both internet and public radio stations.

The band's highly anticipated sophomore release, Flavor of the Year, was released in the Fall of 2010, and they recently completed a West Coast tour (OR, CA, NV) to celebrate/promote the event.
Chock full of the same great rock and powerpop that put F500 on the map, this album also brings in a pinch of punk and a dash of reggae. With surefire crowd-pleasers such as the rockin' first single "Shake Me", the reggae-influenced "Detox", and the quirky/fun "Liberated", it is already receiving rave reviews and radio airplay.

FORTUNE 500 continues to write/record music, tour, and expand their fanbase nationally and worldwide.

The members of FORTUNE 500 have shared the stage with such acts as Presidents of the United States of America, Everclear, Cowboy Junkies, 54-40, The Posies, Buckethead, Hoobastank, Harvey Danger, Clumsy Lovers, Tommy Tutone, Karl Blau, The Boss Martians, and EVEN Quiet Riot!