Fortune of Sorrow

Fortune of Sorrow


Hard Rock band with varied tastes who love the buzz of playing to a live crowd. We enjoy writing our own material and work hard to give our own unique edge to our sound. We would love to make the breakthrough and be considered for some top gigs now and in the future. We're up for the challenge. ROCK


We are a 5 piece rock band from Lanarkshire in Scotland. We are 5 guys with varied musical tastes that helps us create a fresh, unique sound to our original material. The band formed in 2008 with Steven Cambridge (Camy), Garry Hawthorn (Gaz), and James Stuart Lloyd (Lloydy) and Steven Slaven and after short time recorded an 8 track demo album in 2009, followed by a string of gigs around Glasgow's rock clubs between 2009-2010, and a live session with a local radio station. In early 2010 Martin Donnelly was added to the line up and the band are now rocking as a strong 5 piece. We differ from other bands as we have the ability to harness influences from grunge, punk, classic rock, metal and others into our own material and take the listener in a different direction from what is expected. We have a healthy veriety in our set from all out rocker numbers to meaningful ballads that keep our sound fresh. We also feed off the energy from a crowd and enjoy entertaining in our live performances - and have a number of gigs planned for the near future, including recently being confirmed as supporting band for hard rockers LaPaz (Featuring DOOGIE WHITE - former lead singer of RAINBOW and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) at Ivory Blacks, Glasgow on 17th July 2010.

Set List

Our set typically runs from between 45 mins to 1 hour. We play anything from 10 to 15 songs which is mostly our own material with the odd cover thrown in. Our typical set list would be:-

1. Gimme
2. Out of Darkness
3. Hating you too long
4. Bridges Burned
5. Aunt Agony
6. Departed
7. Killing Time
8. Loser Track
9. Paranoid (Black Sabbath)
10. You Really Got Me (the Kinks)

We are constantly adding to our own material and introducing fresh covers.