the Fort Worth Cats

the Fort Worth Cats


the Fort Worth Cats is an all original song band with influences from the Ventures, the Sex Pistols, the Beatles, the Vibrators, Johnny Cash, Lou Reed, and the ghost of Michael Jackson. We are like a garage band on steroids. We have been together for 30 years and shooting for 30 more.


The Fort Worth Cats have been together for over 30 years. We have just reunited and are playing reunion shows and other gigs around the D/FW metroplex. We do have quite a history. The music of the Fort Worth Cats is just as relative today, as it was in the late 70's and early 80's. As our music couldn't be catagorized, we were invited to play at most of the punk/new wave and alternative venues across the southwest. We rock, we put on a good show, we give it all we got? What sets us apart from other bands is our original music and enthusiasm. We intend to put it out there again, this time with even more fervor and determination.
In the 80's we opened for Roki Erickson, The Stray Cats, the Textones, who later became the Gogos, and Lou Diamond Phillips. We played at several large venues like the Paladium, D.J.'s Punk/New Wave Review at Yellow Belly Drag Strip, Club Foot, and Austin's still infamous Continental Club . You can check out our action at
or Fort Worth Star Telegram entertainment writer Preston Jone's blog
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ep-4 songs released 1979
lp-Earthquake at O.K. Corral released 1980
lp-The LaGrave Field Album released 1981

Set List

we have about 4 hours of original songs which we will disperse through the set as appropriate...during the old days we would do 3 long sets of originals with a dash of 2 or 3 cover favorites.