Forty Acres

Forty Acres


Raw powerful garage rock!


"Forty Acres as a band just formed in March of 2006. Forty Acres as a concept started about a year before while I was touring playing drums for a successful pop punk band" says frontman/singer/songwriter John Lowe. "I realized that banging on basically a non-melodic instrument was only gonna allow me to put my stamp on his/our music so far. So, I wrote a bunch of songs, played all the instruments except for a few and shot a video that WHFS/CBS Radio saw and then DEMANDED I form a band so I could play their legendary WHFS-Tival in May of 06!!!" Needless to say John put the band together. "It's just back to the basics... rocking the fuck out! I just want to get in a van and play music." Recording most of the self titled upcoming release this past year in between traveling to Japan, Mexico, Greece and England, John has developed more of a world view. "I would love to play all over the globe - no matter if it's for 5000 or 5 people. I can't wait to step out on stage behind the microphone instead of being behind the drumkit. I'm just doing stuff that I love, and right now, that's the most important thing to me."

Forty Acres has been descibed by online music magazine, www.away-team as:"this killer new band that resembles Jet on an asphalt diet with a little Iggy Pop & The Stooges thrown in for extra salt! Forty Acres is every bit as relevant as bands like The White Stripes, The Hives, and the aforementioned Jet are today, but they have an appealing and very edgy punk tendency to them that makes them a bit more enjoyable for harder rockers like myself. The album kicks off with a soon-to-be Ipod classic, "Burn Baby Burn". In less than three minutes, this song establishes the pace of where Broken Promise is headed; a road paved with nothing but an alcohol induced, shit-kicking, tire burning bar fight that would make Jack Nicholson piss his pants! It's got songs about prostitutes ("Lil' Girls) and even self-loathing ("Pour Me Another"), but more than anything else, it's bringing back the raw, unbridled stuff that made music fun in the late 70's and early 80's. John has forged a killer lineup from veteran talent that equals his brilliance as a songwriter and lead vocalist. Check out this cool collection of punk-n-roll mayhem by clickingHERE to purchase your copy. Very Highly Recommended!!!

John was an EMI songwriter whose credits include co-writing the smash hit “1985" performed by Bowling For Soup.


"Broken Promise" released June 2006
The single "Burn Baby Burn" has received airplay in Baltimore/Washington DC region on WHFS and WIYY.

Set List

12-song set with an occasional cover thrown in.