Forty Cents Flat

Forty Cents Flat

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Forty Cents Flat is an energetic and tasty Ska/Reggae/Rock group that offers something for everyone from metalheads to jazz musicians! With our dancable, upbeat grooves, rockin' riffs, and horn lines you'll be reciting for weeks, we are surely a high-energy show that everyone will skank along to!


In November 2010, The Brew City received its newest local band. Formed in the wake of Milwaukee punk/ska groups such as The Allies and Ceasefire, Forty Cents Flat looked to break the mold by bringing a brand new sound to the scene. On that chilly November day, a warm fusion of reggae, ska, punk, and rock was born.

Brothers Will and Michael Richter are united as songwriters for the first time, creating a musical chemistry that can only be formed by years of cranking out cover tunes ranging from Rise Against to Led Zeppelin.

Drummer Michael Richter has played with punk/ska band Ceasefire for over a year, but a recent fascination with bands such as O.A.R., Sublime, and The Expendables has pushed him to form this new group with a desire to master the intricacies of reggae. His tight snare and tighter rhythmic sensibilities are a hallmark of the Forty Cents Flat sound.

Lead guitarist and singer Will Richter has co-fronted The Allies since 2005, recording 3 EP's, 1 full-length album. He's a time-tested veteran of the local music scene and has countless shows under his belt. He provides a dark twist to the genre, while staying true to the chirps and picking patterns that are essential to reggae and ska.

Nick Soria is the newest member of Forty Cents Flat, having joined the band in July of 2012. His musical talent can hardly be overstated: he's a phenomenal player of nearly every style and genre. His experience as a jazz bassist and his passion for all things funk and punk—along with his svelte 'stache—give the band a fat bottom and a groove master parallel to none.

Kenny has been playing saxophone for 10 years, and he provides both the volume of a marching band saxophone player and the tact of a jazz player that ska playing demands. A fervent listener to all of the best and latest groups in ska, he strives to equal and best the bands by whom the band is so influenced. His ability to write infectious horn lines is incomparable, as his ear for both melody and harmony prove an indispensable tool.

Zack brings an eclectic mix of influences and playing styles to the group. Having extensive experience as a jazz and concert player, he is eager to pursue rock, ska, reggae, and other new musical spaces. As a horn section, Zack and Kenny provide the complex colors that make Forty Cents Flat a tasty melodic listen.

If you are looking for something new to tickle your cochlea, look to this talented quintet!


She's Got It

Written By: Will Richter (Forty Cents Flat)

Keep your promises away from me
Right now your friendship isn’t what I need
And you’re not God’s gift to creation
Not sending me into a state of devastation
Oh no
I’m better off in the end…

White lace and innocence? No chance,
On the dark side of it all she stands
She thinks that, she’s got it all
And once her smoke and mirrors clear
A hollow shell will face her fears
She thinks that, she’s got it all

Keep those promises away from me
I’ve already heard every last excuse from A to Z
I’m not wrapped around your finger although it may seem
You may think you appear in every one of my dreams
But no
You better think again!

Trapped in the Media

Written By: Will Richter (Forty Cents Flat)

Size 0, squeeze into a wardrobe
Judge a girl by the diamonds in her earlobes
Pressure pressure pushes down on her
As we all aim to be something we’re not
When will all of this stop?

And everything you wish to be
Is plastered up on billboards and
In the ads on your TV
This social monster swallowed you so fast
And here I sit
Only hoping it will eat me last

What have we done?
Just a simple question asked
By the people whose possessions now are burying their past
This money, this power, this fortune and fame
Is the American dream
But does it ever kill the pain no
Is it far too late to draw the line
As lying lips proclaim that we are fine… but are we fine…

Five White Lies

Written By: Will Richter (Forty Cents Flat)

He’s in the alley,
He’s in the dark,
He’s on the benches down in Central Park and he’s soaking up the dirty looks
From you and me

Well where’s the punch line,
If he’s a joke?
All your compassion goes right up in smoke
Because he’s not the kind of person your dad told you to be

Deep down do you recall when they told you what mattered after all
A white picket fence wasn’t worth a damn
And I’d rather take the fall, then walk around standing ten feet tall
Knowing I had built myself the finest grave,
But never lived a single day

The books became your closest friends
Every single page turned brings you closer to the end
Another chapter passing by, is this a reflection of you?

All-in-all, it’s how we decide to live,
Sand slips through an hourglass as time slips through our grip
A highway to hell, no smiles in the rearview

Deep down do you recall when they told you what mattered after all
A white picket fence wasn’t worth a damn
And I’d rather take the fall, then walk around standing ten feet tall
Knowing I had built myself the finest grave,
But never lived a single day


FCF Demo, August 2012

On the Ride Home E.P. release date 16, September 2013!

Set List

Cantina Band
Five White Lies
What I Knew
Hey Girl
Our Solemn Salute
Part of You
Trapped in the Media
She's Got It
Running Away
The Vices I Admire
Jack of All Trades
Moustache in F Minor
Wrong Among the Righteous
When the Ants Go Marching In
Hollow Stages of Home
Little Talks
My Friend Peter