Fun, High energy rock 'n' roll with angelic vocals, Screaming guitars, and basslines carefully weaving through a solid back beat. Each individual member comes from a different musical background and together fm1 creates a fun, unique, energic, rock 'n' roll style that is all our own.


fortyminusone is a Fun, High Energy Rock Band who uses their music to connect with their audience and deliver a message of Hope and Love!

fortyminusone began over 10 years ago and has undergone many changes, but the sound was defined very early when heather gustafson (now, heather gustafson hunt) took center stage as the lead vocalist. Three albums later the band is continuing to progress and become more defined as a band. The Long Awaited 3rd album, The Unseen, was released in October of 2007. Today, fm1 is still showcasing heather's vocal talents along with a strong band comprised of Craig Hunt (who has been there from the beginning), Todd Keating (a five year veteran of fm1), and we're happy to announce our newest addition Aaron York holding down the beat! Come and see for yourself, but be careful we have been known to rock your face off!

We got our new Album, THE UNSEEN, on Oct 26th, 2007 so get your copy ASAP!


The Unseen (2007)
1.) This Life
2.) Lost and Found
3.) The Unseen
4.) Darkness
5.) Freeman
6.) Can't Look Back
7.) Peace Again
8.) Captain Kirk
9.) Fly Away
10.) No Way Out
11.) Here It Comes
12.) Ready
Bonus Track) Me

Push Gently (2005)
1.) More Than Meets The Eye
2.) Farsighted
3.) No Regrets
4.) Show Me Where
5.) Please
6.) Doesn't Seem Right
7.) Blank Canvas
8.) Beyond Orion

Cutting Through The Static (2001)
1.) Hold Me Jesus
2.) Locked Up
3.) The Call
4.) Whirlwind
5.) Knowing
6.) Crossroads
7.) Blink
8.) Lay It Down
9.) Reborn Faith
10.) Sonshine
11.) Release
12.) Paid In Full

We have also been writing some new material that we haven't made it to the studio with, this list includes:

The Rain
Rock The Party

Keep and Eye out for new material in the near future!

Set List

Our Set Lists are custom made for each gig and designed to be diverse, fun, high-energy shows. We can play over 2 hours, but prefer to play 45 minute to 1 hour shows. We have found that it is most fun for us and our audience to play a 45 minute set.

We almost always throw a cover in our set to give the audience something familiar to groove to. Here are some the cover songs we've done: "Where the Streets Have No Name" (U2), "I'm Awesome (The Dolly Rots), "I won't back down (tom Petty)," "Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder)," and "The Middle" (Jimmy Eat World), and many others!