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"Soundcheck : Concert (Live Show Review)"

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Who says the local music scene is dead? It's just gone to hell. Forty Minutes of Hell, to be exact. Staff writer Deborah Benjamin braved smoke and spewing cups of beer to capture the magic in this week's Soundcheck. No lip-syncing. No orchestrated wardrobe malfunctions. Just rock.
-- Rob Collins

Last week's Soundcheck delved into the stage histrionics of Twenty Minutes to Vegas, but Forty Minutes of Hell showed may 21 that this four-piece wrote the book on histrionics, particularly with lead vocalist Brandon Kistler writhing on the ground as if he were Iggy Pop.

It didn't hurt that Norman's Deli was home base for Forty Minutes, which added fodder to the foursome's havoc-wreaking performance.

Draped in Christmas lights, Kistler's unfailingly energetic stage persona lit up the crowd. His roughhewn vocal stylings, complete with high-strung howls, and commanding stage presence were certainly captivating, if not somewhat alarming. They also added the perfect jagged-edge counterpoint to the solid, skilled musicianship of guitarist Quentin Bomgardner (whose vibrant guitar lines were the chief sound-shaper of the group's output), bassist Andrew Kershen, and drummer Ed VanBuskirk.

For the first half of it's set, Forty Minutes segued from one track to another, but as time wore on, the acid-tongued Kistler started a little dialogue with the audience, mostly in form of teasing banter. "You guys are Cs, Norman. You're average." he said when not enough people sang along to his satisfaction.

Going to a Forty Minutes show is like a time warp back to the class of '77. Just listen to songs like "Satisfaction Never" or the opus "Fuck It All," and a revisionist romp of old-school punk is completely communicated through the band's unrestrained energy, thundering drums and high-octane tempos, and yet the group somehow managed to transcend the past.

Want to see one of the most exciting live shows around? Norman's Forty Minutes of Hell is worth far more than the small chunk of change you'll shell out to see them. Warning: This isn't easy listening, bit it's sure as heck a lot of fun.
-- Deborah Benjamin - Oklahoma Gazette

"Fuck It All - EP Review"

Forty Minutes Of Hell
Fuck It All

(“I feel like I’m living/when I’m living to die”) frontman and mini-giant Brandon Kistler of Forty Minutes Of Hell screams out over a skin-popping drum beat as the title track to “Fuck It All” begins. And while this sentiment might sound a bit melodramatic in the hands of an emo premo, or pathetically cliché in the hands of a poser, it sounds like Brandon Kistler is a man possessed by rock ‘n’ roll (his voice tears the air a bit like Black Francis/sweet hysteria). And the band joins in, and they’re not doing anything that original, but they are doing what they are doing (which is rocking hard) with maximum heart, and that is the thing inside the thing that makes this extended play CD rock like a mother. “Fuck It All” weights in at almost 15 minutes of hell, and it’s just enough to get your lips wet and your sweat glands percolating. There are five songs listed, but there is a hidden track, which is just hilariously out of whack with the rest of the songs, funny. My personal favorite song is track 2, “Finally”, which is a mid-tempos rocker (everything these guys touch can only be described in terms of rock) about (his girl) finally getting down to the sexual satisfaction wowee. Featuring a John Bonham-ish drum break (by Mace) and some weird guitar work (by super citizen Quentin Bomgardner), it ends with Kistler rejoicing (“I gave her an orgasm/I gave her an orgasm/and now I feel like a man”). If this song offends you, you should steer clear, there is a helluva a lot of fella-friendly lyric and attitude here – you have been warned. There is exactly 40 minutes of rocking good time in this 15-minute EP – they’ve crammed the sexual tension over the high voltage electric release, bringing it all back home to the primal end. No surprise that they knob manipulating studio pilot was none other than Carl Amburn (he’s out front and driven the scene). The cover of Fuck it all is a landscape shot that just goes and goes, and it looks like a shot of the entire world laid out and the boys of the 40 are screaming obscenities into its eternal ear. I believe the world will respond with gifts. They’re that good.
- Pop Magazine

"Starlight Mints/40 Minutes of Hell/Apocalipstick - Halloween Show Review"

++Starlight Mints/40 Minutes of Hell/Apocalipstick - October at the Opolis
Again, an incredible line up helps a show be great and the energy of Halloween doesn't hurt either. Justin and the other girls of Apocalipstick brought their full on show of Misfit covers, blood and cheerleader costumes. Next up was FMoH with a show of biblical proportions - literally. We're talking flying, drinking angles, Adam and Steve, and lightening inducing drums. Best FMoH show to date. All of this would have been enough, but still to come were the Mints in matching lighted costumes and unveiling their new stage lights for the first time in Norman. For that matter their first show in Norman in years. While I could have used a few new songs, the band has really shown some great growth as a group after this last tour. Arrangements seemed tighter and everybody was nicely lubricrated, making for a nicely flowing set. In fairness, they did take a few requests from the crowd. - Shoes Are For Work


LP - Gimmie Me Some Delay (2007)
LP - The One With The Full Deal On It
EP - Fuck It All



FMOH would like to thank SonicBids, for selecting us as their homepage featured video artist for the week of June 25th. Thank you, thank you!

FMOH has:
Toured regionally and in Taiwan
Released 3 albums and 2 videos
Won The OKC Gazette’s “Best Band” award (2005)
Been featured on ESPN2's Matt Hoffman's CFB BMX bike series.

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Rock your balls off.
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(courtesy of Jason Smith - Traindodge / Ascetic Records)
The problem in describing FORTY MINUTES OF HELL is that there aren’t proper adjectives to adequately prepare a newcomer for what they’re in for. Imagine an explosive mix of The Stooges and The Jesus Lizard and you’ve only got a starting point. This is full-on rock and roll, but rarely traditional. There’s wit and humor without being gimmicky. It’s the sonic equivalent of driving way too fast, swerving off the road and regaining control just in time. In other words, FMOH are doing it right.

Ask anyone who has seen them - the live shows are legendary. Like David Yow and Iggy Pop before him, vocalist Brandon Kistler is a survivalist type of frontman who goes to whatever lengths necessary to make each show count – often injuring himself in the process. Most singers would kill for his charisma. Bassist Andrew Kershen and drummer Carl Amburn comprise FMOH’s throbbing rhythm section, anchoring the chaos while guitar whiz Quentin Bomgardner provides the sonic icing, using virtually every effect pedal known to man.