Forty Minutes Of Hell

Forty Minutes Of Hell


FMOH is a high energy hard edged alt-rock band, specializing in sonic anti-pop. We will rock your balls off, then rock them right back on again. FMOH is fast. FMOH is fun. FMOH is for lovers. RIY(DON'T)L most stuff you hear on the radio.


FMOH would like to thank SonicBids, for selecting us as their homepage featured video artist for the week of June 25th. Thank you, thank you!

FMOH has:
Toured regionally and in Taiwan
Released 3 albums and 2 videos
Won The OKC Gazette’s “Best Band” award (2005)
Been featured on ESPN2's Matt Hoffman's CFB BMX bike series.

FMOH will:
Rock your balls off.
Rock your balls back on again.
Win your everlasting love.

FMOH is actively seeking:
MP3 Bloggers, PodCasters, Magazine contributors, WebZines, CD reviewers, Radio of any sort, and Friends/Fans (most of all). Drop us a line!

The new FMOH LP can be found on:, Napster, and Rhapsody.
(iTunes, and more, coming very soon)

(courtesy of Jason Smith - Traindodge / Ascetic Records)
The problem in describing FORTY MINUTES OF HELL is that there aren’t proper adjectives to adequately prepare a newcomer for what they’re in for. Imagine an explosive mix of The Stooges and The Jesus Lizard and you’ve only got a starting point. This is full-on rock and roll, but rarely traditional. There’s wit and humor without being gimmicky. It’s the sonic equivalent of driving way too fast, swerving off the road and regaining control just in time. In other words, FMOH are doing it right.

Ask anyone who has seen them - the live shows are legendary. Like David Yow and Iggy Pop before him, vocalist Brandon Kistler is a survivalist type of frontman who goes to whatever lengths necessary to make each show count – often injuring himself in the process. Most singers would kill for his charisma. Bassist Andrew Kershen and drummer Carl Amburn comprise FMOH’s throbbing rhythm section, anchoring the chaos while guitar whiz Quentin Bomgardner provides the sonic icing, using virtually every effect pedal known to man.


LP - Gimmie Me Some Delay (2007)
LP - The One With The Full Deal On It
EP - Fuck It All

Set List

40 minutes of high energy original rock designed to melt your ears in a blissful manner.