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Tell me why was played on rock 1053 twice during the Missy show mid day this past year with good response.



Jubilee Olivas – Lead Vocals
Scott Hanssen – Lead Guitar
Nick Critti – Rhythm Guitar
Dan Scott – Bass
Travis Hanssen – Drums, Vocals

Combining raw riffs and hard hitting drums with hooks and thought evoking melodic vocals, Fortyonesixty has evolved into a new entity. Taking influences from every genre of music, they strive to connect with their audience by capturing the emotions and struggles we all face…feeling like a part of their songs is effortless.

This San Diego based band is exerting every ounce of energy to break through and rise above the inundated music scene. As portrayed in “Peace of Mind”, balancing physical life with their need and passion to keep their souls alive through music, is a struggle at best. After leaving the desert in New Mexico for San Diego, singer/songwriter Jubilee Olivas has found the vehicle in which to deliver the stories his songs wish to tell. His focus on storytelling and phonetically aesthetic lyrics invite the listener into a moment of his life. “Third Eye Blind would have to be one of my biggest influences of all time; Stephan Jenkins writes beautifully syncopated and poignant lyrics” says Olivas, who tends to lean towards power-pop and alternative music styles.

In spite of set backs, Fortyonesity has pushed through the webs that would stop most bands. Travis and Scott Hanssen, brothers whose passion for music stemmed from early childhood, built the foundation for keeping the raw sound and emotion of rock alive. “To me music is all about soul, and must have emotion that moves the inner part or your being” Says drummer Travis Hanssen, who lists Daniel Adair of 3 Door Down/Nickelback and Dave Grohl of the Nirvana/Foo Fighters as huge influences. After finding Nick (nick-tallica) Critti and his melodic arpeggios and heavy riffs, came the Pink Floyd driven Dan Scott whose bass became an extension of the drums seemingly over night. After a few months, the band found the final piece to solidify its lineup in Jubilee Olivas.

March of 2009 marked the debut of the bands first EP, “Somewhere Else”. In a matter of four weeks, the band pulled together enough resources to plan, record, and duplicate the album. They released the album on Saturday March 7th as they opened for The Iron Maidens, pushing out approximately 300 copies in one performance. Within two weeks of the albums release, the song “Leash” was aired on the local rock station, keeping the momentum going toward the ultimate goal.

These five individuals have come together to be one, to share their love and passion for music with each other and fans alike. Stopping for nothing, they will continue their quest to be recognized as a formidable part of our musical world.