Fort York

Fort York

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Some people say they sound like Bon Iver. Some people say they sound like Wilco. I just say they sound honest and simple. Too humble to write their own pitch, this humility is key to their approach to music making. It comes from the heart and pulses in every song.-Sal Patel(friend of band)


Fort York is a group of gifted songwriters and musicians based out of Toronto. Their debut album "Feels Like Then" was recently released and has received praise for its tightly crafted alternative folk compositions which have drawn comparisons to everyone from the Beach Boys and The Zombies, to Bon Iver and Wilco. Prior to the album's release the band established a name in Toronto’s thriving live music scene, honing their skills at legendary venues like the Horseshoe Tavern, El Mocombo and The Dakota Tavern. While their songs were written and recorded in Toronto’s Annex Neighbourhood, Fort York’s music is deeply influenced by the rural Canadian experience and has grown out of Ontario’s northern landscape, lakes and granite shield, where the band members spent many of their summers.


Fort York's Debut EP, "Feels Like Then", was released in November 2011.

It's lead single "When She Was Dead" has received substantial radio airplay and a live recording of the song was featured on the popular internet video archive Southern Souls.

Set List

Changes from night to night. We can play for as long as needed.