Forty Watt Bulb

Forty Watt Bulb



Silver Creek Township historian Jimmy The Tree Guy estimates that Forty Watt Bulb has been performing for around 5 years, though he admits that this is an educated guess at best and the true origin of the band cannot be accurately pin-pointed due to certain factors beyond scientific control. Miraculously enough the band continues to somehow tread water and limp along all the while remaining hopeful and steadfast in their quest to find a good paying gig that also includes free beer. Despite a complete financial management festoon and a seemingly unexplainable revolving door of musicians, founding members Drew Peterson and BJ Haldy are totally living the dream.

Drew Peterson was heading into his 30th year and after a third of a century of floating around and not really doing anything he was biding his time bartending at a local watering hole. BJ Haldy met Peterson at said watering hole as he would frequent the establishment to help ease the pain of his wasted private education and crappy furnace cleaning job. The two would often talk music and Haldy would often shamelessly mention the fact that he once totally rocked lower St. Paul in a crappy metal band.


Adds a Touch of Style To Any Room EP - 2003
Shovel's Length Short LP - 2004
Snivel LP - 2007

Set List

Forty Watt Bulb Typically performs two 45 minute sets of about 90% original material.

When the band does play covers, artists include Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, Loudon Wainwright III and various 80's pop fodder by Prince, AC/DC, The Cure and Wham redone in a deliciously campy bluegrass style.

Set lists change from night to night depending on venue size, type of gig, crowd response, band members' feelings, etc. If a deailed set list is required one can be provided.

The band can perform up to three one-hour sets if need be, or deliver a tight, 30-minute showcase style set as well.