For What its Worth

For What its Worth


Five guys making violently melodic ripples through the music scene, your psyche, and beyond. They'll break out hard and make you rock. Then slow you down and move your core. Deep, moving, exciting and so much more than you can imagine. Everything's getting bigger. Everything's getting better.


For What It’s Worth, located in Buffalo New York, was started in late 2004 by Mike Lograsso. Today Nathan Hamberger, Mike Lograsso, Brad Gottorff, Matthew Slomowicz, and Joe Bartolucci form, what is, For What It’s Worth. Through the years the band has played larger venues and competitions in the buffalo area. Possessing a total of four vocalists equipped with an exciting stage performance, For What It’s Worth is set out with the goal of bringing a unique talent-filled mesh of rock, screamo, and post-hardcore sound to the world.

For What It’s Worth is now looking forward to playing nationally and expanding thier already rapidly growing fan base.


"Trauma, Trauma, O' Sweet Trauma" - 2007
1. 'Trust Me', She Said
2. Forget The Future
3. Regretfully Sincere
4. Tragedy To Triumph
5. Alas, Mourning

"Hello, Goodbye and Whatever's In Between" - 2006
1. When Always Wasn't Enough
2. Let Alone, The Perfect Lullaby From The Sweetest Talker
3. Behind These Words Lurks A Lover
4. The Day I Stop Loving You Is The Day You'll Want Me Back

"Home Is Where You Make It" - 2005
1. Left Unsaid
2. This Photograph Is Gone
3. One Last Letter
4. ...More Than You Know

Set List

Varying song rotation ranging from 30 min to 1 hr 30 min