London, England, GBR


fos is the music project of London based Greek artist Katerina Koutouzi. The music is mainly acoustic; instruments include a conch, piano, accordion, harmonium, glockenspiel, daouli (traditional greek drum), pebbles, melodica and vocals. When playing live fos uses a looping pedal to layer the instruments in an organic manner. The music is inspired by the rhythm of the sea. fos has already released two albums on near the exit music.


Un Courant

Written By: fos

un courant

pendant des siecles
un ancient courant
mon ame qui chante
et je fais
le meme voyage
comme un oiseau
comme un papillion
tous mes espoirs
je les place dans la mer
tous mes souvenirs
dansent dans le vent
toutes mes craintes
je les donne au soleil
tous mes reves
expliquent le temps

a current

in the centuries
an ancient current
my soul that sings
and I make
the same journey
like a bird
like a butterfly
all my hopes
I place them in the sea
all my memories
dance in the wind
all my fears
I give them to the sun
all my dreams
explain time


psila 2008

rock 2010