BandEDMHip Hop

Live Electronic music consisting of Keyboards x2, live drums and trumpet/bass clarinet. Tinges on Hip Hop, post rock, electronic and jazz.


Influenced by all music, expressly jazz, hip hop, electronic, and anything well produced. Foscil is the highlight of Fourthcity records staying active and bridging gaps in the Seattle music community. They have worked with Seattle MC Specs One, Plan B, Truckasauras, IQU, Alan Bishop and many others. Thier unique blend of electronic synths and samplers with organic/acoustic instrumentation creates a hybrid that is both unique but familiar enough to appeal to fans of electronica, hip hop, jazz and post rock alike.


Foscil S/T full length (radio play, itunes,) released on Fourthcity records in 2005

Foscil and Specs one 12" vinyl (radio play) released on fourthcity records in 2006

Set List

All original material played in usually 45 to 60 minute sets but have enough for up to 90 minutes