A sound that wanders the global no man’s land where dub and roots reggae meets breakbeats, jungle and synthpop, is L.A.’s perfect musical product.


Fosforo was formed in 2002 to ”capture the innovation of modern beat music and marry it to the raw intensity of roots music.” Heavily influenced by dancehall lyricism and delivery, lead vocalist, Rafi Benjamin, sings in English, Spanish, Hebrew, chinesse and Arabic. His polylingual rhymes and afro-Caribbean flavored guitar riffs are backed by steady barrages of live reggae, jungle and experimental beats.

In 2004, Fosforo formed Raya Records, their own record label, and began releasing unique material under their imprint. The “Mosquito EP,” a collaborative effort that includes Los Angeles’ fellow experimenters Mezklah and Pe Ere was released last year to positive reviews and is beginning to be played in independent stations around the county. Their debut full-length album, tentatively titled “Even the Sun,” is slated for release in Spring 2006.

For the last two years, Fosforo has won over audiences in L.A. venues and festivals including The Temple Bar, The Gig, The Echo, The House of Blues, The Pasadena Northeast Renaissance Festival, and the MTA Gold Line Opening. Constantly rehearsing new material and integrating interesting cover material, Fosforo prides itself on never playing the same set twice


Mosquito EP Single: Mosquito
Even The Sun LP Single: Watch Your Back
Songs with radio play: Mosquito (KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles), Watch your Back (KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles)and Pajaritos (Ultra Fuzion Latina 91.3 FM)

Set List

Agave Ocotillo
Watch your Back
St vitus Dance
Burning Girl
Give thanks.
5 minutes per song, 5 to 6 songs sets. Cover of a punk rock song in chinesse, Cover of song in Arabic, Cover of War by Bob Marley Punky Reggae Jungle style.