Fossils in the attic

Fossils in the attic



The story is not a story if it does not unravel. Fossils in the attic's single was recorded at Echo Studios,located at the Hebe place,Auckland. The main recording was done in a dysfunctional old warehouse. "It felt like home away from home". In the title track "Tired of you" I have set the tone of the album. An event which seems to create a dent in the space and time and everything seems to stop. The vibe shall travel a thousand miles ,gaining momentum and then finally about to break.

And yet, It is only the beginning.

I am working on a few more tracks.
Stay tuned Girls and Boys. I feel blessed to receive your attention.

Love love!



Tired of you

Written By: Gaurav Sharma

Ain't got but nothing just pain, I am kind of burning in flames, and your demands just never end , I am Tired of you now.

My world is made of pain,
I am holding on to find my reasons,
With a little strength that's left in me,
I got to find myself and touch my soul.

I have failed to my emotions,
Before you understand I'll be gone forever,
I'll bring it on till the end,
You have to find me , find me and hear me.


I feel my heart is burning,
I can't with stand this pain forever;
Don't dig your fangs so deep in me,
I know I'll hold on the grounds.

So close to feel and find you,
I've always been around you;
Why can't I get rid of myself?
But you won't let me do.

I am feeling so numb, you have to see the world through my eyes and understand (2),
I am telling you that I am tired of you.

Still I am fond of pushing some things,
I'll call only one name;
Its only a a game I am falling prey to her,
I am tired of you now(3)


Tired of you 2:57

Like I imagined 2:47

Why should I come in? 1:02