Tropical, gothic, religious. Crunk-pop. Based in raw emotions. Sonic distortions, pitchshifted wild voices. Burnt.


FOSTERCARE is influenced by many things--but particularly contradictions, juxtapositions and dark, unpredictable characters. It's dark music from a setting like Lord of the Flies, and also daydreaming, childlike walls of sound. There is a dance feeling, but only from a strange overcast daze felt after the club. There are tropical melodies and crunk vocals and religious feelings and darkwave synths.

What's been said so far about FOSTERCARE? "Influenced by The Knife, Salem and Shackleton. Love these.. introducing Fostercare
This is dark, like an overhanging thunder storm, it’s sensual, it’s threatening and it’s glorious."
--88 Days in My Veins, UK Music blog

"Is there a burgeoning of a new brand of gothic, warped 808-inspired hip hop electronica spearheaded by Salem? If so than this should definitely be considered one of the leaders of the pack. Really good stuff."
--Don't Die Wondering, UK music blog

Influences: The Knife, SALEM, Burial, Fever Ray, "Caribbean Queen", Manuel Gottsching, Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine. David Lynch and Minimal everything. Early shoegazing and songs about animals, wilderness, natural processes and wanting.

FOSTERCARE's visuals and performances are an extension of the music. The live shows are generally projected video and costume extensions of the music. The feeling of the performances are meant to be like a dream that you can't quite see clearly, that sucks you in & then suddeny stops; a distorted vacuum incorporating an all-white football outfit, images of tropics, ufos, children and crystals.


sane thing

Written By: Marc Andreottola

there's cake in my lobotomy
i wanna by some guts
there's steak in my anatomy
the bank won't gimme trust

take it, take it, take it
day by day
make it, make it think
the other way
take it, take it, take it
day by day
if you can't take it, take it
slay by slay
make it, make it
think the other way

if i got a hysterectomy
i wouldn't buy some nuts
if i lived in deuteronomy
i wouldn't make these cuts


there's cake in my lobotomy
i wanna buy some guts
there's steak in my anatomy
the bank won't gimme trust


regulate the lobotomy
it's learning how to putt
get a hole in one
or else you're just bones & guts



Fostercare EP-digital release via Tunecore (late 2008). Has little to do with the current project.
New LP release in late summer 2009.

Set List

Fever Crimes
Battle Zone
Want the Cat to Be
Buy to Die

The set is about 30 min. long, but a song or two can be added or taken away.