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Foster Christy

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Call Loren Hayes at 800/873-8957 to request information about having Foster Christy at your event.


Foster Christy is a gifted communicator whose heart is to obediently and passionately fulfill God’s call on his life to evangelize, train and equip others for a life of devotion to Jesus Christ. He has had the privilege of sharing Jesus Christ with thousands of students and adults throughout North America and overseas as an itinerant speaker, evangelist and youth pastor.

A former high school all-American in football, Foster was a four-year varsity letterman at Auburn University where he obtained a degree in Education. Then he went on to pursue a Master of Divinity at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife Laura live in Columbia, South Carolina with their two daughters Ann-Marie and Laura-Ellen (Lolly). To learn more about Foster visit

Event Availability

1. Junior High Camps
2. Senior High Camps
3. Men's Events
4. Youth Conferences
5. Laborer Training Conferences
6. Leader Training Conferences
7. High School Spiritual Emphasis Weeks
8. College Spiritual Emphasis Weeks
9. Athletic Events
10. Multi-Church Events
11. Church Spiritual Emphasis Weeks
12. Sunday Morning Church Services
13. Crusades
14. Family Camps
15. Mission Conferences
16. Retreats

Audience Captivity

Foster’s ministry focus is College, Junior High, Senior High and Young Adult where he can evangelize the unsaved, challenge the nominal and equip the committed.

Ministry Passions

Sharing Christ with the Lost
Challenging Christians in evangelism, purity and holiness
Proclaiming what a victorious Christian life can look like
Helping others understand their identity in Christ
Top messages

Thirsty: A message about reaching for other things apart from God and trying to satisfy our soul with spiritual spam.
Touched by a Real Jesus: A message on allowing Jesus to meet our greatest needs.
Consumed by God: A message about being devoted to God.
Follow Me: A message sharing four ways to follow Christ.
Spiritual Poverty: A message about the effect of walking in our flesh that also gives ways to have greater victory.