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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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2011 - Jet Set Playboy (Single)
2012 - Deep In The Navel (LP)



Unbeknownst to Luke and Ty, who were living uneventful lives in a large boring urban city, that the day had finally come that would change their lives forever….

For on one lonely night as the boys stumbled home after another drink laden feast at their favorite pub, a bright light suddenly appeared in the road in front of them and stopped them in their tracks. As they approached the light in a drunken stupor… they were abruptly thrown to their backs by a marvelous blast of what appeared to be… the sound of a Rock Guitar.

They stumbled back to their feet and out of the bright light stepped… The Urban Spaceman.
As the Spaceman exited, what appeared to be a flying Fortress, he took the boys by the hand and sang with such a perfect voice. He assured they boys he meant them no harm and proceeded to tell the boys his glorious stories of space conquests, alien woman from Mars, and how he Rocked the Galaxy.

The Spaceman promised fame and fortune and proceeded to tell of the small price the boys would have to pay for this life changing event. From that moment on, the Spaceman would teach the boys all he knew of the universe and how to Rock it....

The price, you ask? Well, the boys never tell secrets!!!

We now present to you FoTUS - Fortress of the Urban Spaceman!