The British invasion meets Texas blues, with shades of the Beach Boys and The Steve Miller Band, in a very eclectic sound.


Richard Fougerousse grew up in Texas, where he played professionally in rock bands around Austin and elsewhere inj the 60's and 70's. Then he laid his axe aside to become a "grown-up". He went to graduate school and became a History professor which led me to my present situation as director of a European study abroad program located in a restored medieval monastery in the foothills of the Austrian Alps.
Anyway, in December of 2002, Richard was in a car crash on an icy mountain road. Among other injuries, his left hand and forearm were very weak and partially numb, and he was not doing his physical therapy as he should have done (it was boring and painful), so his wife Rosemary went out and bought him a Fender Strat, figuring that playing it would be good therapy for his left hand and forearm. So Richard got back into it after many years of not playing. It was indeed good therapy for his left hand, and the album Dr. Zoom's Lone Star Good Time Band is the result.
Tom Fougerousse (Richard's son) has been wielding the bass with authority for some time, and has come up with his own unique big bass sound, like the rumble of distant thunder.


Dr. Zoom's Lone Star Good Time Band

Set List

No live performances; studio band only.