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On the front lines of hip-hop's future stands a man with a mic inside his hand. Intense lyricism underlined by witty & straight forward everyday observations of our life and times combine to make some of the most original hip-hop to date.


My appreciation for the art of Hip-Hop is what led me to create my own. 15 years and still going strong! I love inventing new ways to flip my prose and put an immense amount of time into my lyrics. Each time I sit down to write, I look to add a new element so every track is a journey in and of itself. I'm not just here manufacturing songs for the radio or to make the quick buck. I believe there's still alot of good to be accomplished through this art if taken in the right direction.
Currently I'm in the studio working on "A Man of Science". My 2nd LP to be released in 2009. With the completion of my demo in 2005, "Mental Gingivitis", and my 2007 LP "Mental Floss" released under Bad Karma Entertainment, this will be a solid addition to the ever-growing Foulmouth collection.
I've been performing live steadily since 2004 and have rocked venues in NY, CT, PA, NJ, MA, WI & VA. I have gained a nice fanbase in the Northeast US and now I'm looking to expand my domain. My stage show is a definite crowd pleaser.
I remember a show I did in CT that really shaped my stage presence and crowd control. I picked up an open slot to close a show after the headlining rock band at a bar named Cousin Larry's. The band went almost an hour past the set time so when I hit the stage the crowd was exhausted, drunk and pretty well rocked out. A little discouraged and tired myself I went on at almost 2:30 am and poured my heart into every track in my half hour set. I soon had a drunken, rock oriented crowd out of their seats and nodding uncontrollably. It was one of my favorite shows when all was said and done and ended up turning into an open mic of sorts when I invited various members of the crowd to hit the stage with me and drop any verse they may have. The bar closed 45 minutes late but it was well worth it.
I love the crowd, I love fans and am really just a fan myself so I have examined it thoroughly from every aspect and have refined my show through experience, perserverance and alot of experimentation, LOL.
Off the stage I'm a devout family man and I do what I do on stage for my wife and young son. Nothing inspires me like they do. One of my biggest goals is building a legacy for my son to be proud of.
Bottom line, I'm an average guy with above average skills who loves all aspects of music. I'm not a thug or a gangster and I don't take on a different persona behind the mic. I write what I know, I've found that's where the best inspiration comes from.
Thanks for your time and I look forward to working with a multitude of people in the near future. Any other info you want or need I'll be more than happy to supply, just hit me up by email and ask.

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Changed The Game Up

Written By: A. Burton

This sh*t is rugged you're buggin' you know you love how Foul does it/
from upsatate, f*ckin' this beat like my 1st cousin/
the backwoods of the Catskills packin' rifles gaurdin' whiskey stills/
where meth labs abound and hippie b*tches get drilled/
with a gang of drunken rednecks knockin' on front doors/
demanding access to all your Budweiser and porn/
the business district consists of Walmart and a gas station/
with a church on every corner though I'm more Satan than prayin'/
Sullivan County/ the home of broken dreams and failed businesses/
it's not from lack of tryin' it's from lack of public interest kid/
short of a bait shop or another local dive/
or even a pizza parlor son it will not survive/
the backroads are lost worlds man Deliverance folk/
where there's always an underlying hint of moonshine and rifle smoke/
no joke, and most of us are broke and miserable/
& all my visceral syllables should be taken literal/


& it's final/
smashin' ya frontal lobe like wild rhino's/
rip ya viyl down the middle unruly like riled wino's/
yeah I bought ya CD but see I had insomnia I needed somethin' that would help me get to sleep.../
so I caught a few Z's & a couple a cups of coffee grabbed a mic and now I'm back up on my feet.../
so let's face off in a good old fashioned eye gouging competition/
Smack you in the face with a brow raising composition/
you hacks have no talent catch me bumpin' Lily Allen wylin'/
when I spray my verbals the entire worlds my pallet/
my wordplay is a vicious rendition of worldly visions/
T cuts slice it up with a bunch of dirty incisions/
comin' with 30 surgeons to murder ya person worse than a hurried insurgent/
strapped seeking martyrdom and virgins/
I got armies dismantling me like I.E.D.'s/
strapped to a lab table why can't I be free/
and the first cut is the deepest now as I remain sleepless/
all the walls are closin' in ya'll I think I just saw Jesus/

Lordz Of Illusion

Written By: A. Burton

My own fear led to anger & hatred/
but I've since resolved to put myself in front of the world naked/
no more masks take off the sunglasses/
put myself down on paper and make a classic/
born in upstate NY 1978/
names have ranged from Kyro to Foulmouth The Great/
been writin' since Illmatic still takin' a crack at it/
a number of my family and freinds are smack addicts/
but I've got a child now and to the best of my ability/
I'm gonna make it happen though inside it's slowly killin' me/
fightin' tooth & nail for any kind of respect/
cats try to play me off like a cornball on the internet/
assume I'm just run of the mill but I assure you/
the fact that I can come with this skill will f*ckin' floor you/
so many try to hold me down based on their own fear/
but f*ck it I will rise above my time is here/ C'mon...

No more masks/ take off the sunglasses/
we all try to hide behind a layer of plastic/
f*ck the next man and what he wants you to be/
I'm Foulmouth, father, freind, husband and emcee/
(we're all family, parents, spouses and human beings)
Repeat 2x

At times this world can change a person from the inside out/
you claim to be a thug and a killer well let me find out/
you're up in the bedroom of your parents suburban home/
your hat to the side while writing some murder poems/
come to discover you ain't had to fight for nothin'/
I gotta fight just to pay rent b*tch so stop frontin'/
I'm workin' as hard as I can to keep my head up/
but dissapointments over time have got me fed up/
& cats comin' out to the studio just to get high/
I'm here tryin' to scrape a livin' kid so step aside/
I'm puttin' in work, determined and dedicated/
& if I were to quit who knows if I woulda made it/
'cause we can all shine, there's mad room at the top/
although these selfish motherf*ckers want the number 1 spot/
but whatever with that man, no time to be bothered/
because no matter how you train I'm the one who is training harder/


See I look at emcees with a measure of respect/
until they start thinkin' that they're stars and try to disrespect/
well those days are done their's confidence in accomplishments/
keep lookin' at me sideways son and you won't accomplish shit/
I'm monstrous when a beat tickles my fancy/
doubtin' your own shit actin' fickle and pansy/
take after take fake recognize fake/
real recognize fake too but their no hands shake/
no pounds no dap no skin to skin slap/
it's enticing to be somethin' ya not but it's a trap/
b/c one day you'll be stuck amongst cats that really thug/
& when they're pullin' their guns you'll be lookin' for hugs/
so just be yourself okay it sounds cliche/
but everything seems so commercial these days/
now as I make my mark here's a lesson held above all/
stay true in all you do and surely you'll never fall



"Dirty Wordz 4 Filthy Mindz" - Demo 2002

"Mental Gingivitis" - Demo LP 2005

"Mental Floss" - LP released on Bad Karma Entertainment, June 2007.

"A Man of Science" - LP to be released on Animal Farm Records in 2009.

Featured in the Mid March 2006 edition of Indie In-Tune Magazine.

Currently receiving play on, Xclusive internet radio and internet radio. Songs have been downloaded via the internet internationally and I have gotten airplay on NY radio stations K104.7 and WJFF all with solid responses.

Set List

Set size can be changed to fit venue size.
Average 30-40 minute set would include:

In no set order:
The Drawing Board
Lordz of Illusion
Changed The Game Up
Slip Away
Through A Bullethole
Take Both Pills

Including a number of tracks I alternate from show to show to give each a different element.

*Set will be updated as new material is recorded*