Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, USA
BandHip HopComedy


Music has been my life since my dad would blare in the car in my boaster seat as load as it could go. All kinds of drama that happened in my life as a little kid just drove me to express myself thought my music. Which most of my music is foul. Which hints the name Foulson. My real name is Dennis Lorenzo Falzon the third I go by buddy and of course FOULSON. I use to play the drums for a few different punk metal bands all through high school. Then everyone stopped playin so I pick the guitar up. I did that so I could jus make my own music and didnt have to depend on anyone else. Now a days I really love just writing music and coming up with all kinds of different ideas. So when I get a good beat and my lyrics ready I hit the studio and hit it hard. Music is everything to me there's really not a minute that goes by when I'm not listening or making music and that is no lie. I keep it real and always have, and if i could get a break and be able to really get my music out there I know I would shine without a doubt.


Foulson - Debut CD / Demo - January 2012 - Ranch Records