Foundation makes you dance, dance, dance!


"Foundation storms the crowd with waves of solid soulful funk that will chase you out of your seat and drive your cares away. Sheer unadulterated creative talent fused with hard work and dedication are the bricks and mortar that Foundation combines to lay down those heavy walls of satisfying grooves. Whether the venue is a club, the recording studio or Mike's kitchen these boys pour mountains of sweat and soul into every bar. When Foundation is in the house there's no such thing as the same old song and dance... "
- Rebbecca Temmer

A funky, original, powerful presence on stage, Foundation really shines in their live performances, with extended jams, 4 part vocal harmonies, sweeping dynamics, tight rythym, audience participation, funky bass... and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Foundation has arrived, and is in for the long haul. A combination of talent, dedication, virtuosity, communication, serving the groove, and basically just three guys who love to make music together has made this band what it is today.

Check out the new website...we're still in construction so check back often for new material!


The Funk Schway EP, 2005 *currently unavailable*
Foundation - 2007

Currently in rotation on college radio stations across western Canada
Currently distributed through itunes and cdbaby.

Set List

Foundation usually play 3 sets, 45 minutes to an hour long, and can do a lot more than that if the occasion should arise.
The odd cover may be thrown in consisting of Sly Stone, The Chili Peppers, Bela Fleck or even some Metallica...