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On February 27, 2003, the City of Boston declared the day Foundation Day. The City of Boston not only honored the group for their musical talent, but also recognized Foundation Movement for their commitment to the community and for making positive changes in a city with a history of violence, racism, segregation, and political corruption.

Foundation Movement members; Eroc, Optimus, and DJ El are a diverse group of young artists with origins from Puerto Rico, Liberia, and Guatemala, who all met in Boston and united to form the group. This cultural fusion, as well as their experiences growing up in Boston, has influenced The Foundations music. Not another rap group with watered down lyrics, and messages of misogyny and materialism. Theyre committed to addressing issues of injustice and oppression, while also entertaining crowds with hot beats and relevant lyrics.

Foundation Movement has performed at local clubs, open mics, college campuses, high schools, and rallies and protests, for crowds of 30 to 30,000. In the short time the group has been together, Foundation Movement has shared the same stage with KRS-One, Rakim, X-Clan, C.L. Smooth, Pharoahe Monch, Greg Nice, Dead Prez, Michael Franti/Spearhead, Saul Williams, Edo.g, Medusa, YZ, Wise Intelligent/Poor Righteous Teachers, Soulfege, Lee Wilson, Supernatural, Billy Bragg, Akrobatik, Mr. LIF and Amiri Baraka.

In August of 2003, Foundation Movement was the only international group invited to perform with the Cuban Hip-Hop All-stars at the closing of the 9th Annual Hip-Hop Festival and Conference in Cuba for a crowd of over 20,000. Internationally, Foundation Movement has also performed in Canada, Europe, Bahamas, South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Israel and Palestine. You can catch the Foundation Movement regularly performing across the North East United States in Boston, Providence, New York City, Philadelphia and a city near you.

The Foundation Movement continues to be one of Bostons top Hip-Hop acts, with songs crafted with creativity and balance, and backed by the polished production of the experienced, Omen, Upryz, DJ Liphted and their live band MoFire. With The Foundation already laid in Boston, this group is ready to build nation-wide.

Check out FM live performance at Atlanta's, GA "Centre Stage"


Not Like All The Others

Written By: Foundation Movement (B. Browne, E.Arroyo)

I’m the soundtrack to life
guided by instrumental
Honest and frank, as I possibly can
Boston residential
check the credentials
Planned marches over 40, 000 strong
rocked shows with a band
Laid it down at The Strand
The Foundation clan
Making moves to expand
The fan base, is in place
Con-tin-ue the movement
Jus-tice for humans
Just-ice for you man
Is where I stand
If you feel me raise your hand
Make a fist
tell your man
Losing out for a few
is not in the plans
And, since my man Cran
I done did it again
Got you loving this jam
So tell a friend to tell a friend
We're better than, your less than
Lis-ten to the lesson
The sun still rise
shine less in your direction
Take time for reflection (ha haah)
Recognize sucker we the best in this profession

Not Like All The Others
Simple & Plain it can't be
You can't see we and if you Don't Know
We're Better Than The Rest
We are

Ladys & gentlemen
It's Eroc I spit venom and
Flow better than
1/2 of these so called veterans
Shine light like Edison
Sick I need medicine
Got fans in place I'll take your base like Ricky Henderson
From the burbs to the tenements
Revolution the sentiment
Expose irrelevance, like our president's intelligence
You lacking evidence,
but it's evident here
The Foundation the best
and we making it clear
This our year, this our city
You pretend to be gritty
I'll leave you crying over this Puerto Rican like P. Diddy
Don't be silly, dude we beyond next
The Foundation, we destined to Blow like John Depp
So don't tempt me, your wack raps don't impress me
Cuz I see right through your gimmick like Crystal Clear Pepsi
Eroc's Boriqua and proud to be Latino
But an end to the bull shit like the curse of the Bambino




Let's Ride

Written By: Foundation Movement (E. Arroyo, B. Browne & W. Lew)

They say if you can’t dance it’s not your revolution
The Music the Movement Edutain & school kids
Shorties moving their hips to these Foundation Hits
Looking crisp rocking a Kangol ready here’s the angle
In Cuba the lengo (lingo) call us Super Mango
Believe in Malecon (Cuba) hustled off these CDs
See we in Tanzania where they called us machizi (crazy)
Tanzfamilia We got your back believe me

Let’s Ride Ready for whatever will come
Let’s Ride The Movement has already begun
Let’s Ride Ride are you ready to move
Let’s Ride Ya’ll know what we ready to do

Let’s Ride Let’s Get It Let’s Ride Let’s Get It
Let’s Ride Let’s Get It Let’s Go Let’s Go
Let’s Ride Let’s Get It Let’s Ride Let’s Get It
Let’s Ride Let’s Get It Let’s Go Let’s Go

Went to the club a week before a little weak before
$15 at the door cost we ignore
Famous but don’t appraise us no tracking on the counters
Do not try & stop us we patting down bouncers
That spark beef like stroganoff cocktails be Molotov
End reigns like Gorbachev big boss we hauling off
Shots be licking off behind bars & tender
For freedom at your front door movement like a Panther

Let’s Ride But realize that’s it’s more than music
The culture the art the Diaspora Funk Movement
Move your body to the sound of the beat
Shake your ass to the rhythm keep moving your feet
We riding for the streets from the Bean to the islands
We packing up the club there’s no need for the violence
Pump your fist show me you care
You know you doing right when they stand


Let’s Go Go overseas & see The Foundation has been laid
Dues have been paid
Charge it to the game we ready to make waves
Ready to make change make moves or make way
Long time coming I can feel it in the air
Long time gunning and it’s not really fair
One sided when we riding our numbers are still climbing
Grinding realizing we part of an uprising

Surprising live & budget be shoe string
Flying high and lyrics are moving
Cruising through block spot Op with the locals
Contact got the Mobile lens telephoto
Taking shots of the patrons in the restaurant
Mergers of burgers disturb the ambience
Renaissance entertainers dangerous
VIP section closed hop over rope we the people cater to us


My God

Written By: B. Browne, E. Arroyo, R. Miller

4X So many God's so little peace


In God we trust objects they lust
On the back of dollar bills it's obvious
Inspiration a must yet dangerous
You either roll with us or fold in dust
Enthralled with entertainment
Payment pedestal people cuz they famous
Cases arraignments crafted my statement
Iconisize lies of guys and alibis
they try as entertainment
Earthquake shake prophecy relate
Death awake typical to lose faith
Enter the ring with scriptures and things
Your God My God is mean mugging
Competition nothing hell your bluffing
This summer was something lost some of my cousins
In the grind God hard to find
often times our lives tied to the mind
Describe fallen angel
Worship the Range Rove
will of God say so
all about the j-o cake and the pay-o
Stars and crescents learn the lesson of crosses
Sipping from spirits of gauntlets
Survival the gospel of prophets
Not the gospel for profit
The people don't profit
What binds us divides us
(What) drives us collides us
Describe us as fighters and pro-better lifers
Unify us not for enslavement
Or justify why some ain't worthy of payment
From pavement to cave men women and men
Your belief shouldn't contradict my living
Expose all thoughts of government plots
Mandated executions for murderous thoughts
Co-opted so much makes it hard to trust
Reason why some shout out I'm not religious


Slave driver your table has turned
Take the blindfold off know I'm able to learn
Since birth I've yearned for affection
Blessed to be born into love and protection
The blessing: to find happiness in this mess
The lesson is what you're willing to give
Ironic my people are killing to live
Life's precious-What kind of living is this
So what kind of living is this?
Two choices: either give in or resist
Righteousness calls for righteous ways
To fight this mess I pray night and day
For help to understand there's a greater cause
Lives lost and that's a greater cost
Paid in your name invade with crusades
Destroy what both sides
claim that you made
Can't make sense of that if I tried
how many innocent people must die
Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Bahai, Five-Percenter, Hindu, Rastafari
Believe in something bigger that guides us
Wolves in sheep's clothing trying to blind us
Spirits unite, they try to divide us
Search our souls for peace inside us
Knowing that the creator has a reason for all
Create change like leaves in the season of fall
Breathe in-hold the air in your lungs
Breathe out-there's still work to be done
Breathe in-inhale the truth and understand
This world-bigger than the knowledge of man
This world-bigger than the knowledge of man

My God can beat up your God (my prophet will knock yours out in 3 rounds)
My God can beat up your God (and then burn your holy land to the ground)
My God Can beat up your God (Everyone's lost so no boies found_
My God can beat up your God (gonicde in God's name how profound)

Our Love Song (Freedom!)

Written By: B. Browne, E. Arroyo

I spit vicious lyrics I come equipped with
Nonsense I ain't with so fuck the bull shit
Revolution, freedom, we want peace
Here the words from my lips, heart skip to the beat
Won't stop 'til the day that all of us free
Streets named after me and my squad we won't cease
'til the freedom fighters buried or gone
From the cages to the bricks to the land Liberia's on
'Til the PPs released in the streets with no qualms
And the suicide bombers are strapped with no bombs
Gun in hand cock and pull
Release like bloow!!federals patrolling Jumping Bull
Revolution loving, heart been thumping
Since we jumped off a boats & slit masters throat
Survived hanging ropes and winter with no coats
Killed at polls not to vote get locked for pushing dope
Come on we need freedom man
Health care for all a security plan
Reparations for Black and indigenous fam
Self determination for my sister and brethren


You on the defense mad cuz you riding the fence
Acting like you ain't a man 'til you driving a Benz
And it's hard to understand why you hiding your gems
Try and pretend you didn't start denying your friends
Hence the reason why you follow the cents
But Ma gave me more sense than to follow these gents
No false pretense, Why would I want to sound typical for
I was born ready cut my own umbilical chord
You following lies like those who praise a mythical lord
Closed eyes as Bush leaves you through these biblical wars
They got wealth and yet remain morally poor
Despite the fog I remain clean and spiritually pure
Eroc Boricua for sure, the descendant of Moors
Lyrics are stored, we on tour with this miracle cure
Together we stand, Upryz cuz together we can
Roc, Op & Bam believe that together we fam
And never again will I see through material eyes
Not just hoping, making change materialize
As they imperialize we revolutionize ours
Last hours fist up screaming Black and Brown power


Truth (Amazing Grace)

Written By: E. Arroyo, B. Browne

(Lord's prayer in Spanish)
Relentless they don't seek justice they seek vengeance
Fundamentalist on both sides needing repentance
But only real community and unity can end this
Instead of reality some get lost in the Apprentice
And the media's objective is over-saturating
They making deals with the devil and only working for satan
Lord...grant me the patience and the strength for me to combat
Bring our soldiers back and please watch over Iraq
In fact, Lord watch over the globe
This is a prayer for lost souls, both friends and foes
Those I oppose chose to bomb the world to pieces
Claiming to follow Jesus but the Truth is peace is
Never achieved through war,
We kicking down doors while they stay ignoring the poor
My Lord is one of compassion it takes action
Doesn't waste time and energy practicing gay bashing
Rather respect humanity man this is insanity, they killing families
Creating more world tragedies and it saddens me
That this catastrophe is in your name, they killing in vain
God grant me the strength that I need to maintain
Help me see your vision and grant me the wisdom
To understand why they killing man, woman and children
I pray for those in the building back in September
For their families and friends we will always remember

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound
And through the storm you never let me down
Because of your faith I walk on solid ground
I once was lost but now I'm found

(Lord's prayer in Grebo, Liberian language)
On my knees begging, saying, praying Lord forgive me
Theirs change I want to see before I'm 70
Grant me the serenity to love my enemies
And in the memory of my Great Grandma Louise
I pursue I fight on, my song's my mission
Eliminate conditions that put people in prison
Neighborhoods the roughest, for my people in jail
Bodies now commodities cuz the system done failed
Politics injustice, lift up poverty's veil
Spit the Truth for the youth and the working class male
Females across the globe left out in most songs
Human shields Rumsfeld dubbed war criminals
While warlords like Charles Taylor granted asylum
My cousins and my aunties die from the violence
Keep your head up we'll triumph as time went
Eyes on progress in Cape Palmas
Democrats disbanded, now the new Republicans
You asking me, yeah it's faulty this two party system
Legalized lynching, ran by rich white men,
Government and henchmen, you speaking they arresting
No choice if you're pregnant, a 100, 000 sentenced
Paint the picture bright like Paul Goodnight
The struggle the fight the wrong from right the tunnel the light the will the might the sacrifice
the blood the strife, but what you get is your life


I once was lost but know I'm Foundation


Greatest Hits (LP) 2006
UnReleased Classics (LP) 2005
Self Titled (EP) 2003

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