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With bands such as Heart In Hand making the hardcore scene what it is today, there has become a mad rush of sorts, with bands spewing out of each corner of the country trying to make a name for themselves and find their sound as a band and not just aspire to be like every other hardcore band on the circuit.

Foundations are one of these bands and with their brand new EP Deceived it’s pretty clear that they’re working as hard as they can to get that recognition that these bands are looking for.

Opener Revival sees Foundations push for a big atmospheric sound, emotionally charged with lyrics such as “I can’t explain what I’m feeling, baby, don’t leave me…”, along with big riffs and crushing drum tracks, it’s clear that Foundations are just all about pull-no-punches heavy as fuck hardcore and that’s the way we like it over at HP!

The Fight Back further pushes the huge heavy sound that the band are producing here, with better production on this track indicates that they recorded this EP over an amount of time, but none the less this has no effect on the EP itself and doesn’t jolt the bands effort of producing an brilliantly heavy track.

For us the stand out track on the EP is final track Deceived, vocalist Josh Bywater opening the track with an absolute roar of “I DESPISE THE WORLD” proceeding into an assault of jittery riffs and pounding drums. This track is an excellent end to a brilliantly executed EP, although nothing new as such to hardcore music, but much like their peers Demoraliser, Deceived is an record in which Foundations should be proud of.

Brilliantly executed and so heavy it would make your nan want to throw down! -


Homeless (EP) - 2011
The Light In Me (Single) - 2011
Deceived (EP) - 2012



Formed in 2010, the band immediately took local area by storm and having went through a few line up changes, Foundations have settled with their perfect set up and are ready to show it off with the new EP "Deceived". Taking a more melodic stance on their sound from the first EP, the band feel that this sums up in 16 minutes more than most bands can do in a full-length album. Heavy breakdowns matched with the incredibly passionate vocals make for an interesting take on the standard melodic hardcore sound that has the hard hitting edge a lot of bands miss out. The band have already gotten rave reviews for the new EP, including who described it as "Brilliantly executed and so heavy it would make your nan want to throw down!". 2012 promises to be a big year for the band, hopefully gaining them support nationwide and providing excellent touring opportunities.

The band have recently released their debut video for title track "Deceived" over at BlankTV and within 7 days it reached over 5000 plays, along with over 300 downloads on their EP within the same time frame.

Foundations set for big things this year and is not a band to be ignored.