Found Audio

Found Audio

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Found Audio finds the potential of music and songs to be limitless, and is constantly striving to combine an impossible reach with an actual sound. Influenced by countless groups and individuals from dozens of clashing genres, the main unifying trait of this band is their willingness to work together to arrange their own instrumental sound to not only appease their own taste, but to enhance the resulting waveforms’ appeal to the ears of the other members. The resulting songs are variably dense a


Formed in Allston (Rock City), Ma in 2009. Initially the project consisted on the merging of two solo artists who desired to play their catalogs of music with a backing band, but has since formed to be entirely collaborative.

Our influences range from The Meat Puppets to Nick Drake, from Fiona Apple to the Pixies, from Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band to Radiohead, and so on.

We spent 2010 recording and mixing our first LP "Chalk". Now that it's completed, we're looking forward to it's release this summer!


Queen of the Road

Written By: Found Audio

her renaissance was underway before eighteen
always the bumblebee and a jumping-jack queen
the maiden voyage of the S.S. freshman scene
she's out to make her way gonna take back everything

couldn't hold her
new york city
i lost count

i wouldn't hear from her sometimes years in between
she'd be an acrobat or she'd be an easter queen
i never told her but i thought she was everything
she's like the air to breathe but she's like the wind to keep

from the meadow
to the prairie
to the ocean
to the city
to the rock bar
she can't be found


Written By: Found Audio

ignoring what we've reached
spoke slowly within the weeks
poked phony beneath the sheets

the old carpet reeks
of cleaner and defeat
we are winners at discrete
falling with feathers

why can't you say the words in your heart
why can't we lay words that depart
from minefields and tarps

the advance is stowed
in a bubble keeping cold
in the rubble beneath the snow

my glance is thrown
to the side of your lens
it's a sign of the end
no more endeavors

not one more holding
not one more deserving
ignoring night

One More Day

Written By: Found Audio

sunlight blinks in through her yawning curtains
brushes the bed where we lie and her arms are still around me
smell of pine and warm air and the flowers of her sheets
her lips pursed with the last precious breaths of sleep

i'll stay all day with her

we were both interred in the sorrow of our youth
building worlds to our pasts for the losses endured
we'd hold tight for fear that the other was a dream
for fear love lived only in the domain of sleep

one more day to love her in
one more day to live comfortably in

i hear a whisper
i'd know her without words
our plans and secrets
our day was well lived

you come back of a night so much less frequently now
it's an arrest to my dream when i wake beside myself
as you turn away what’s that I hear you say
and your sad eyes still haunt me from our final day

the day our song is always on


Chalk (LP, 2011)