Founder Effect

Founder Effect


The band, as well as the music, is a high energy blend of old school metal coupled with a melodic modern hard rock vibe.


Like many bands, the Founder history dates back with an original shakey line-up that didn't quite work out. Over their 10-year history, Founder members have come and gone; but now the band has a unique blend of talent that allows them to explore new frontiers in the metal genre.
With a unprecedented meeting of the generations, Founder Effect is comprised of seasoned Generation X'ers that show deep roots in the old school Heavy Metal genre; as well, Founder also has the fresh, high energy make up of young contemprary musicians. As a result, a true hybrid blend of genre is produced - a genre that truely bridges the gap between older, metal purists, and new generation listeners.
Such a Molotov cocktail of influences brings a mixture of new music that challenges the listener with deep, thought provoking lyrics, intricate and powerful arrangements, with listenable, catchy hooks.
The Founder dynamic is unquestionable and it brings the metal package back to the passionate, loyal following the genre once had - for Founder Effect brings substance back and whether they're liked or not, Founder Effect is not forgotten.


3 song demo on CD

8 song presentation (with listener reviews) on

Set List

Empty and Bleeding Skies
Devil's Kiss
Long To Say

(Just recently added Awkened"

The set usually lasts around 1/2 hour